protecting your floors during a move

7 Ways of Protecting Floors When Moving

Moving is not only an arduous and stressful event but if not properly executed can also leave scars on floors and carpets causing additional damage that will need to be addressed. Many times, even moving simple furniture across rooms may result in the destruction of expensive carpets or worse, hardwood or vinyl floors. Additionally, many floors lose their polish and protection over time making them vulnerable to even simple marks left by improperly moved furniture. This is not only an ugly sight you cannot hide but an issue that will need to be corrected.

Useful Tips to Protect Your Floors:

  • Placing mats and rugs at the doorwaysMoving items into a home can involve furniture and boxes that have collected dust and debris which should be kept away from the inside of a new house to protect your carpets and floors. It is essential to keep this from happening and with the help of welcome mats outside and any small rugs inside, dirt will be kept to a minimum.
  • Wooden or vinyl flooring should be covered with floor runners: Wooden flooring is very susceptible to damage, scratches and or furniture marks and needs be covered with floor runners when moving large or heavy pieces of furniture in or out of a home. If there is a staircase involved, take extra precaution by protecting carpets and runners.
  • Using carpet masking: Carpet masking tape is similar to plastic stretch wrap and will cling strongly to any surface. This will prevent household items from digging into plush carpets and ruining them from sharp edges or corners. Using carpet masking will also save carpets from dirt being tracked in on shoes, from furniture or other packaged items. When moving into a new home the last thing you want to do is track dirt into your carpets.
  • Wrapping furniture legs with towelsTo prevent floors from being damaged, it is always best to wrap furniture legs with old towels or blankets, especially when moving heavy pieces out. This is probably the most common issue that causes damage to floors and can be eliminated by this simple step. It will also save the furniture legs from being chiseled, scratched or nicked unnecessarily in all the movement.
  • Using Plywood SheetsPlywood sheets are an amazing floor protector especially when you are moving heavy furniture or large electronic items out of a home. Other appliances such as refrigerators or stoves, which are bound to drag along the flooring can also cause damage if not properly moved. Furniture being moved into a new home could also use the same plywood sheets if taken along. These cost effective and light protective items are perfect for providing a barrier between the furniture, heavy items and the floor.
  • Sliding furnitureFurniture sliders made of plastic are a great way to move heavy furniture across carpeted rooms for removal or to place into position. Soft sided furniture sliders made for chairs, tables, beds or really any item that will come into contact with hardwood flooring will also prevent damage and will make it easy when moving furniture across your floors as well. You can also utilize shoe booties to wrap the legs of the furniture and slide it across tiled floors without the need of a lot of effort and they will automatically safeguard your floors. These methods however do not work on carpets.
  • Discarded cotton bed sheetsCotton sheets or old woolen blankets which aren’t in use, could be used to protect floors when the furniture is being moved in or out of a home. The only issue using these types of products like sheets or blankets could be that on most floors they become a slippery hazard and one needs to be careful when walking across them so as not to slip and fall.

Hire Only a Professional Moving Company

It is essential to communicate with your moving company about what you expect in terms of protecting floors and carpets while moving out and moving into a new home. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have been moving North Carolina residents for over 60 years. We offer affordable residential and commercial moving services across town, the state, or even the nation.

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