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Choosing the Right Moving Company for Your Next Move

If you have decided to move to a new home or apartment, the experience can be extremely exciting. Anytime someone moves either to upgrade their living quarters or because of work, there is always optimism in the air. However, moving can also be very stressful, tiresome, and oftentimes chaotic. Most of us have moved at one time or another and just knowing that we will have to wrap glasses, plates, complete kitchens is never fun. The great news is that parts of your moving experience can be outsourced to a professional mover like Tru-Pak Moving Systems. We offer many different packing services so you can relax knowing a professional is securing your valuables. When you have financial support, like moving in employee relocation, you might not have to lift a finger and that’s a godsend.

By outsourcing some of your moving responsibilities, you can spend more time focusing on other projects like the layout of your new home, setting up utilities, and getting organized for the move itself. The easiest part is finding a professional Tryon Moving Company that you can trust. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have been aiding Tryon residents for over 60 years. As an independent agent for United Van Lines, we have a global reach to handle your next move across the state, country, or around the world. Below are some of Tru-Pak’s moving tips to help you choose the best mover available in Tryon NC.

Just Ask Family & Friends

Word of mouth advertising, based on exceeding customer expectations, is a great first step in the process of choosing the right moving company. As family and friends typically would not steer you wrong, they can attest to what makes a great moving company when you need one. We often receive recommendations from family and friends because they usually know someone who received quality service and a positive experience, Tru-Pak Moving is noted for. According to a recent national study, over 92% of individuals trust recommendations they received from a family member or a friend.

Do Your Own Research

We know there are a lot of moving companies that you can choose from living in North Carolina. Just remember not all moving companies are the same in quality, service and affordability. If you are going through the process of choosing a moving company, please look at several different criteria before making your selection. For instance, does the mover have many years in business and outstanding reviews online? Are they members of associations, have affordable prices and are they licensed, bonded & insured? Are they affiliated with a national brand like United Van Lines or are they a couple of guys and a truck working on weekends? A quality moving company will have longevity and many years in business. They will have a lot of positive reviews, members of an association or organization, have a complete and informative website and will be able to answer all of your questions in a friendly and professional manner. Taking into account all of these factors prior to making a decision is very important. Moving a family is not only an undertaking that has costs, but should not be given to just anyone who says they can move you at a certain price.

Make Sure You Have A Contract

Every day, someone is scammed by a moving company that is less than honest. Always make sure you get a contract in writing from anyone who takes on the responsibility of moving your valuables. Make sure you have specifics in writing as to the services they will be providing, the timetable on when they will provide it, and the final cost for those services. Also, ask who is in charge, in the event the moving company tries to add more fees on that were not agreed upon in the original contract. These types of issues arise every day in our business, unfortunately.

The easiest way to avoid these types of problems is to hire a legitimate, reputable moving company in Tryon NC like Tru-Pak Moving Systems. All reputable movers will be forthcoming in providing you any information you want as it relates to licensing, insurance, referrals, and of course written moving contracts. If a company will not provide you with any and all of this information, take your business elsewhere.

Hiring the Best Tryon Moving Company

Let’s be frank, moving is never simple especially if you choose the wrong moving company. Why suffer when a professional can do the work for you. Hiring the right Tryon mover can always help alleviate the stress and chaos that often occurs with moving. Prior to making any decision, you need to use all of the resources available to you, so you can hire the right moving company. Ask family members or friends for references, do your homework online, read the reviews and best yet, ask the right questions, and remember to get everything in writing. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have an impeccable reputation and unblemished record of successful moves helping individuals and businesses throughout North Carolina for over 60 years. We have a stellar organization, with loyal employees and award-winning services most moving companies only dream about. Every move is carefully estimated by a highly trained and experienced moving and freight estimator and we also assign a moving coordinator and individual moving team to complete your move from beginning to end. We are licensed and insured to make sure your valuables are protected. If you are in the process of hiring a mover call Tru-Pak Moving Systems today for a free, no-obligation estimate at (800) 659-1233 ext. 210

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