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Comparing Moving Professionals

If you are planning a local or long-distance move in the near future, you must be aware that there is a lot entailed from the time you make your decision to move, to the actual moving day. This can also be compounded if you work full-time or have a family with children. The most important thing to remember is that all successful moves start with choosing the right moving company to perform the move. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have been moving residents of Morganton North Carolina since 1960. That’s over 60 years of continuous service. We understand that our responsibility is to do the heavy lifting and take as much off your back as we can. That is why at Tru-Pak Moving we always assign a Moving Coordinator to every move we make, responsible for all of the details and your one-point-of-contact from beginning to end. With several moving companies in Morganton NC to choose from, how do you know you are getting the best service for the best price. We always suggest to our potential customers to compare moving companies by creating a comparative analysis checklist, weighing the pluses and minuses of every moving company they review. That all starts with a thorough examination of their website, online customer reviews, a review of the services they provide, and the length of time they have been in business.

Below are a few of the major steps we would take to compare each moving company we review.

First: Compare Moving Quotes, Price, Professionalism, Ease of Service

Professional movers should employ a trained Moving Estimator to review the details of your planned move and give you a written quote whether you perform the quote online or in person. The proposal should include a contract that is easy to understand and explains the details of the move with no fine print concealing any additional fees that could be added, during, or after the move. Professional movers utilize a contract that spells out their responsibilities and that of the clients, so there is no confusion on who will perform what. If the move is large or long-distance the Moving Estimator might request an in-home visit to better assess the size and scope of the project to give you a better, more accurate estimate. Be careful if you are only concerned about the lowest price offered because that does not always guarantee to save you money in the long run. Many moving companies in our experience have hidden fees in their contracts making their bid seem lower which you must uncover. Professional, honest moving companies are very transparent in their pricing because they stand much more to lose than less reputable companies.

Second: Always Compare Moving Services

At Tru-Pak Moving we offer many additional services that many moving companies don’t. We have scalable packing and unpacking services, reassemble furniture, and storage facilities available. If you are comparing quotes, compare apples and apples. Many movers only offer manual labor such as load and unloading services and anything additional cost more. Don’t get surprised by hiring a cheaper moving company only to find they aren’t for similar services. Written estimates should itemize all of the services they will perform and the price you as the customer will pay.

Third: Compare Moving Company Reputations and Affiliations

We have found that when anyone buys a product or service, they ask themselves two questions. Did I buy the right product or service from the right company? And did I pay too much for it as compared to someone else’s price? Sometimes with moving services, what seems like a good deal turns out to be a nightmare. Everything from scheduling delays, delivery date changes, damaged items, insurance issues, accidents on the road, missing or stolen items or even a final billing problem can cause you to wish you would have chosen that other moving company. Consumers do have avenues to fight back but at what cost in time, money, and stress. Moving is a large expense that should not be undertaken if you don’t have the means or if you have too much to lose if you choose the wrong company. Many people might feel that a national affiliation says with United Van Lines might be more expensive than choosing “Two Men and a Strong Back Moving”. Not so. National affiliations are hard to get and require many years of experience, Up-to-date equipment, and a proven track record of safety and customer satisfaction and value. Not every moving company can become an independent agent for a national carrier like Mayflower, United Van Lines, North American, or Allied.

Make sure the moving company you chose has the right licensing, bonding, and insurance. Also, do they have unique moving processes to better ensure you’re getting the best services for the best price? At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have many unique services many moving companies only wish they could offer. Besides assigning a Moving Estimator and a Moving Coordinator to every move we book, we always assign an individualized Moving Team consisting of a lead driver, packers, setup, and delivery personnel. Our assigned Moving Team completes your move from start to finish across town or across the nation. We never hand-off your valuables to anyone else, ever. That is the Tru-Pak Difference.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems?

Besides being Morganton’s oldest moving company, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service department possible. For over 60 years Tru-Pak Moving has stood for economy, value, and a reputation for fair and honest service above all else. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines. Give us a call at 1-800-659-1233 ext. 210 for a free, no-obligation moving estimate. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about moving and what you should expect from a true moving professional.