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Considering Moving in Together, Things to Do to Have A Happy Home

Are you and your partner in the process of taking your relationship to the next level? Maybe living in two different homes or locales is getting tiresome. If you are considering consolidating your homes, renting an apartment, or buying a house, there is a lot you both need to consider. One of the biggest steps one can take in any relationship is moving in together and this is usually done on an emotional level not always on a practical one. But if you two are discussing it and are thoroughly considering all of your options, below are some tips to consider when moving in with your significant other.

Moving in together for the right reasons

One should never make a decision to move in with your partner just because of convenience. This is usually a horrible reason to move in with someone especially if you are not sure it will work out for both of you. Moving in together to just save money on rent is likewise a terrible reason. Living with someone on a full-time basis is a lot different than casual dating and should really be thought out and carefully planned. Sharing an apartment, condo, or even buying a house together involves a lease and if things don’t work out, one of the parties could be solely responsible for the lease and payments. If your idea was only to save money that could backfire and could put you in a bind financially. If you both are committed and really looking to merge lives, make that decision around your relationship, not around money or convenience. Setting expectations for you both right out of the gate will reduce the number of surprises you both will encounter.  

Handling Finances

Finances are the basis of many divorces in this country, so prior to making any commitment, partners should conduct a detailed and honest conversation around both their finances. Before you both take any action to move, buy a property or even sign a lease it’s a good idea to anticipate all of the expenses that will be incurred and who will cover what bill or to what extent each will contribute. Depending on debt and occupations with both parties, a working division of bills are looked at by levels of contributions each person can make monthly. Some decide by splitting the bills 50/50. Others are more pragmatic and work out a system to make sure things are fair and equitable. Decisions need to be made on things like the cost of groceries, the name responsible for the utility account, mortgage, and so on. Budgeting together will answer these questions and assigning financial responsibilities will set proper expectations for each other.

Setting Expectations

As with all successful relationships, communication is the key to a happy household. Now that you will be sharing space and expenses, you will need to discuss each other’s responsibilities. Working out a schedule for a division of tasks like cleaning, laundry, groceries, and trash is a productive conversation. Assigning household responsibilities and how each of you envisions how you would like to run your household is probably a good idea. Now that you both will be sharing space, you may want to discuss what is acceptable to each of you.

Decorating Your New Home

Decorating a home might be challenging, but men and women typically differ in their approach to decorating a home or apartment. Men might go for a minimalistic approach, with very little furniture, limited pictures on the wall, a simple lamp, and of course a big screen tv. Boring, maybe you should consider your choice in men. Women on the other hand like accessorizing with curtains, different color schemes, lots of pictures, well-staged furniture, etc. The key to all of this is a compromise. Getting what each of you may want when furnishing and decorating a new home is paramount to a successful household. It is very important to discuss and agree on the common aesthetic to help guide your decorating choices for your shared, new home.

Both Names on the Lease or Mortgage

Since you are both moving in together it is only fair that both of you should be on the lease or mortgage if at all possible. Joint ownership and responsibilities will help each partner feel they have an equal say and an equal investment in their new home.

Hendersonville Moving Company

Taking your relationship to the next level can be the most rewarding experience two people can share. Many times, this involves the consolidation of two different households and may also require the need of a moving company to help carry the load. If you are in the process of choosing a moving company in Hendersonville NC there are some very important things you should consider.

  1. Choose a professional mover with years of service to your community and its residents.
  2. Make your choice carefully after a review of the company’s offerings and services.
  3. Price is important but rarely takes the place of reliable, honest, and trustworthy services.

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