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Considering Moving in Together?

Things To Do to Create a Happy Home

If you are in the process of taking your personal relationship to the next level and moving in together is being considered, then we at Tru-Pak Moving Systems have some gentle tips for you both. These are especially helpful if that new union involves acquiring property together or the two of you will be packing up two homes and combining them into one. Combining households, in any event is a big step but not as large as the one the two of you are embarking on.

Below are a few tips to consider and hopefully will be discussed thoroughly by all parties involved.

Moving in Together for All The Right Reasons

When partners first consider living together, that decision should probably not be based on convenience alone. Trying to make it easier on a relationship by joining households is weak, at best reason to move in with someone. Trying to save money on sharing expenses is not the best of reasons and is not always the case when combining homes. Many times, partners believe they can expand their living conditions and accommodations when sharing expenses only to find out that their combined incomes are not always sufficient.

Living together is completely different than being in a relationship where both parties have their own home. If the relationship falls on hard times or feelings subside, parties can easily go their separate ways. If both parties decide to own property together or share a lease, things can get pretty sticky if the relationship doesn’t work out. If you two are set on merging your lives together, then make your decisions around the relationship, not convenience.

Understanding Joint Finances

Having problems with finances is one of the most divisive issues that couples face today. Many a divorce, or breakup is based on financial issues that arise in relationships. Spending habits, division of assets, combining incomes, etc. can be a difficult, if not problematic process that can arise at any time. We recommend to anyone about to share expenses, to have an honest and open discussion about their current individual finances. This way the parties will know in advance what they can afford and what they can’t before considering combining incomes and incurring debt.

Prior to signing a lease, buying a house or condo, packing up your belongings, or even calling a mover in Statesville NC, partners should discuss and anticipate all of the expenses that will be incurred. Having open lines of communication on finances and talking through how expenses will be covered, is the first step towards avoiding financial problems.  

Setting Clear Expectations

As in any relationship, communication, or the lack of it, is the key to a happy household. Now that you will be sharing space together, you will need to discuss each other’s responsibilities and work out a schedule for cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, trash, even picking up the kids if you have any. Having a conversation about those responsibilities and how you’d each like to run the household is really best handled as a joint effort.

Decorating Your New Home

Combining homes can often be problematic and challenging. Most people differ in their approach to decorating a home especially if the partners are of different sexes. Most modern men go for a minimalistic approach, typically very little furniture, limited pictures on the wall, lamps, and of course a big screen flat tv. Women on the other hand like to accessorize with curtains, different room color schemes, matching bedspreads and flooring, and of course memorabilia, pictures, candles, etc. Combining these different elements might be a problem so having conversations around what the new decorations will look like needs to take place before packing up all those separate home items. 

Compromising or sometimes acquiescing is usually the key to getting through the decoration process of a new home. It may be important to discuss and agree upon a common aesthetic to guide your decorating choices, or have separate spaces, carved out for each other’s choices, within your new home.

Hiring the Right Statesville Moving Company

Hopefully, taking your relationship to the next level is not a difficult transition for you and your loved one. Finding the right professional mover should not be difficult as well if you choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems. We have been the local moving company for Statesville residents for over 60 years. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines and proud of it. We offer written estimates on all moves we book and have many unique services like scalable packing services and the assignment of a Moving Coordinator and Individualized Moving Team to complete each and every move. Give us a call at 800-659-1233 to speak to a professional moving consultant today.

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