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Have You Purchased a New Home That Needs Work?

If you have recently purchased a new home and are considering what projects should be completed prior to moving in, we have some great tips for you. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we are much more than just a moving company we are truly a moving resource for seasoned and first-time-movers. We know some home improvements can be completed after the move-in is completed but many should be finished before you even put a piece of furniture in the home. Customizing a home to your exact needs and desires is almost as important as buying the right house for many. If you can afford the upgrades here are some valuable tips you may wish to consider, literally from the ground floor up.

Choose the Right Flooring

One of the most costly and foundational expenses one can incur on a home improvement project is replacing flooring from tile, marble, granite, and linoleum to hardwoods and even carpet. Deciding on what type of flooring should be used and how much coverage is needed can be your largest expense. Adding to that who will provide the installation usually decides what is chosen. This project is best accomplished prior to moving in to avoid added hassle and expense of moving furniture.

Wall Coverings

A fresh coat of paint can transform a plain, even an outdated room into a completely renewed look, that is both functional and appealing. It is always cheaper and easier to tackle one room at a time and deciding on doing it yourself or hiring a professional painter is determined by how much time and money you have to spend on the project. The least amount of money spent is actually on the materials and paint. If you are painting and reflooring it is best to paint first and then re-floor as to not damage the new floor coverings. Drop cloths are a must and using water-based latex paints is probably your best choice. If you have very dark colors to overcome it is best to use a neutral/white primer coat so the finishing coat will cover it. If you have the opportunity to paint before actually moving in you can avoid the paint fumes associated with new paint applications.

Re-doing Ceilings

If your ceilings are in need of repair from chips, old discolored paint, or even cracks it is best accomplished by a professional. There are many different coatings available including molded, popcorn, and sculpted coverings. Again, this project is best tackled before installing both new flooring or moved-in furniture.

Adding Shelving

If you are considering adding any type of shelving especially bookshelves or built-ins you may want to consider getting this designed, constructed, and installed prior to painting and or adding new flooring. You will want to accommodate the new additional structures, without damaging anything already installed. Adding shelving to closets is particularly popular especially in older homes where limited closet space is available. Easier to build out before clothes and other accessories are added. This will also aid you in organizing your move-in strategy.

Purchasing New Furniture

One of the largest expenses new homeowners can have is buying new furniture for that new house, condo, or townhome. Many times, existing furniture choices don’t work well in a new setting. Often times the old furniture doesn’t fit the room sizes, motif, or even new desires that come with acquiring a new home. Furniture buying can be quite expensive and depending on choices might require building, storage, and separate delivery charges. It is always a good idea to make your furniture plans way in advance of moving in and don’t forget to measure rooms, openings, and floor plans before deciding on purchases.

Moving Companies in Boone NC

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