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Hiring Only a Quality Mover

Moving a family, business, or office across town or across the nation can be a very stressful event. The tremendous planning and above all, attention to detail and flawless execution of the project. Given the fact that there are so many aspects about a move that needs to be considered, i.e. time of the year, weather environment, costs involved, the sheer number of items, and of course the distance of the move, picking the right moving company to perform can be a challenge. The right moving company will not only be efficient in its performance, have state of the art processes, but should exceed all of your expectations. You, the customer should be delighted by all of the over-the-top services rendered and completed.

So, what exactly does one look for when hiring a quality mover? How should one decide on what company is the best fit for the project at hand? Have you heard about this company before or are you planning to hire based on referrals and or testimonials, maybe advertisements?

Basic Services Offered by Quality Moving Companies

Here are some of the fundamental services you should expect from a high-quality mover.  

  • Does the moving company assign a “moving coordinator” to all of their moving projects? A one-point-of-contact individual so you never have to guess who is responsible for your move.
  • Does the moving company assign an “individualized moving team” that completes the move from start to finish? Most moving companies do not offer this type of service, but the really good ones do. Having your own team that will pack, load, drive, arrive, and unpack all of your belongings, office equipment or any other product moved is a real plus.
  • Is the moving company a full-service provider, for not only residential moves but provides commercial, business, office, and employee relocation services?
  • Is the company licensed to perform, local, intra and interstate moving services as well as international moves?
  • Do they offer professional packing services? One of the basic services you can expect from a quality-mover is scalable packing and unpacking services. This is extremely important so that customers have expanded packing and unpacking choices especially for valuable and fragile items, which may need special care and precautionary protective measures taken. Movers should also be equipped and stocked with all the necessary items, boxes, tape, labels, etc. needed for any type of business, commercial, or household packing project.   
  • Do they disassemble the furniture? Professional movers will be the ones to figure out the complex processes on how best to disassemble the most intricate of beddings and other furniture. Having professional expertise allows them to also quickly assemble the furniture once it reaches the destination. Professional moving companies make the entire process simple and quick.
  • Hoisting: This is one of the most complex and specialized processes a mover can offer. Unskilled movers are prone to cause damage because of a lack of experience moving certain items like pianos, large armoires, etc. Only top-rated movers can afford to risk offering these types of specialized services. This is when some of the items won’t be able to be moved through a hall, or stairway, or door, and will be hoisted through a window. Typically, in Statesville, NC this is not a common practice but in a larger city, it is highly likely to be encounter.
  • All quality movers will offer unpacking service: For many movers unpacking boxes and taking direction from property owners on where items should go is a service they don’t offer. This might come as a bit of surprise but the good movers offer unpacking services. Having a team of experienced moving professionals helping you get things organized on the other end can be of great advantage.
  • Handling delicate and sensitive items: It might be an antique clock or chest of draws that your great grandfather passed on to you. It could be a large aquarium or a glass sculpture that requires special handling and packing. One wrong move and your antique are no longer valuable. But professional movers can save the day with careful handling of these types of items, especially the sensitive ones. You can also expect services such as storage facilities for some items that need to be sold later or for any other purpose. So, in anticipation of your next move, think about all of the tasks you dislike doing and think about hiring a qualified professional moving company that can assist you.

Why You Should only Hire Tru-Pak Moving

The professionals at Tru-Pak Moving Systems provide all of these unique and one-of-a-kind services mentioned above. Your moving experience starts with a highly trained professional “Moving Estimator” who will give you exact and honest pricing and pick-up and delivery dates you can count on. Next is the assignment of your own “Moving Coordinator” to handle all of the details and offer you all of the special services we offer like full and/or partial packing, full and/or partial unpacking, maybe storage services, or ideas on what you will need to accomplish so your move goes off without a hitch. And finally, we assign every mover no matter how large or small, or to what part of the state or country you are moving to, your very own “Moving Team”. These trained professional movers will accomplish everything from pickup, loading, drive, delivery, and unloading, where ever your move takes us. For over 60 years we have been moving Statesville NC residents across town, across the state or around the country and world. Call Tru-Pak Moving Systems today for a free estimate @ (800) 659-1233 ext.210. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines and very proud of it.

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