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Hiring The Right Sitter for Your Next Move

For anyone with young children, trying to complete a household move becomes a much more difficult task than just packing and waiting for the movers to arrive. Getting things accomplished, on schedule, and on time is usually exacerbated when little ones demand so much of your time and energy. So, what do you do when moving day arrives and you have the little ones in tow?

Well as much as we all love our children, preparing for moving day usually means finding someone to help watch the children so they can be entertained and don’t get in the way of all the comings and goings.

If you are considering a mover in Boone NC and have small children to deal with, below are some of the benefits of hiring the right babysitter when moving day arrives.

Actually, Getting More Accomplished

Moving families that have small children are always better off finding the right babysitter before the big day arrives. Having an experienced adult take care of your children during the process is different than hiring a teenager so that the parents can enjoy a dinner out. Because of all the commotion associated with a move, keeping little ones both occupied and out of the way could be a challenge for an inexperienced sitter. That is why it is so important to find the right sitter. Being able to pack, organize your personal take-along items, and assist when needed without having to worry about where your children are, is essential to having a successful moving day. Knowing what your children are getting into and that they are ok is more than just peace of mind.

You should also consider hiring the babysitter a few times during the initial packing sessions so that the children may get used to and will mind the sitter on the really important day. This way you can get a large portion of your packing completed, rather than having to wait until the children are asleep. Lastly, not having the children as a distraction gives you the ability to organize your move more efficiently.

No Kids Might Mean Getting Things Done

For all of us that have children, we understand the amount of work and attention children need and usually demand. Sometimes dealing with the many needs and wants of our children means getting little or nothing accomplished when trying to move. Being constantly interrupted by children from morning to night is a daunting task to overcome.  If you have young children, especially infants, you know they need constant attention; feeding, changing, and carrying throughout the day. Older children may be more self-sufficient but still, need attention and direction. Just think of all the fun your children will have climbing in and out of all those boxes you have constructed. Reduce the stress by having competent help to keep your children in their space and not in yours. Being able to focus on the moving tasks at hand means limiting the distractions that will take you away from what you need to accomplish.

Sometimes There is a Change of Plans

Many times, moves don’t go exactly according to plan due to bad weather, excessive traffic, or even illness, especially with small children. Even if you hire the best Boone moving company available, you may experience issues beyond everyone’s control. Asking children to be patient when moves get delayed might mean extending the babysitter’s hours if things go awry. Make sure everyone is on the same page just in case things change.

Children Might Need Time Adjusting to Other People

If you don’t have a family member or close friend to act as your babysitter, now is the time to get a referral from a friend. You will want your children to get used to another person as soon as possible if they are to take direction and mind during a move. Don’t wait until moving day for your children to accept the babysitter as the authority and last word while mommy and daddy are busy orchestrating a move.

Boones’ Best Moving Company

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