How To Meet and Greet New Neighbors

Moving into a new neighborhood can be exciting and at the same time somewhat stressful especially if you have kids and animals. It probably will occur to you to question who your new neighbors are, will they be nice, and will we all get along? You might even ask yourself if we will have anything in common and can we all become good friends over time. These are all valid questions to have especially if your new neighborhood is in another city or a different part of the country. But how proactive should you be when moving into a new dwelling and what should be your first step in reaching out to a neighbor if they haven’t first reached out to you.

Below are a few tried and true ways you can approach your new neighbors without seeming overbearing.

#1. Just Begin by Saying Hello

As an old saying goes, “you catch more bees with honey, than you do with vinegar”, which goes a long way. Being nice and going out of your way to wave to new neighbors might be the first step in meeting them. When you first get the chance to see someone in the neighborhood, say hello and introduce yourself and your family members.

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems, Asheville’s premier mover, we are constantly delivering new families into brand new neighborhoods and many times our actual moving technicians are the first to greet your new neighbors. Our trained movers aren’t shy and you shouldn’t be either. When you first meet and greet a new neighbor try saying something complimentary about their property or house. This might open the door for more dialog and a possible way to reach some common ground as a first impression.

#2. Making the First Move to Meet Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is your first step towards really feeling comfortable in your new surroundings. At Tru-Pak Moving we typically recommend that once you move in, go at least 3 homes to your left and to your right and introduce yourself. Or you might consider knocking on the doors of the homes to either side of yours and introducing yourself and your family members. Just be careful to pick a good time so as not to interrupt dinner.

This can be an uncomfortable step for some but the sooner you get to know those living around you, the faster you will get adjusted to your new home and neighborhood. This might even lead to inviting them for a barbecue, weekend dinner, or drinks one evening. There are several ways to meet your new neighbors and these are just a few suggestions that can help you break the ice.

#3. Try Staying Outdoors

If you have a nice front yard to mow or an outdoor patio, you might get the opportunity to see neighbors out for a stroll, mowing their lawns, or taking the dog for a walk. Try spending time outside and catching people when they drive or walk by. You may notice other neighbors out enjoying themselves maybe socializing with others in the neighborhood. This might be a good way to get accustomed to your surroundings and acquainted with your neighbors. Make yourself visible to your neighbors. If you have kids, teach them to be polite and say high. Hopefully, if you have school-aged children the neighborhood is conducive to children and there will be lots of other children to get acquainted with. Hopefully, there will also be neighborhood functions or events you can join in.

#4. Try Getting Involved

Meeting new neighbors is always the best way to get used to your new surroundings. However, it is important to also get involved in the local community if you have the time. Look for volunteer opportunities that might be close by. Local gyms, churches, clubs, and school functions might also be a good way to socialize.

In your neighborhood, you may be the catalyst they need to start a book club, or a neighborhood watch program, even a community-wide garage sale. These are just a few ways to get to know people.

#5. We Love Children and Animals for Helping us to Meet New Friends

Having children or animals is a distinct advantage in opening the door wide to meet your neighbors. When a family moves into a new neighborhood their kids are starting from scratch. Kids, no matter what age, are going to want to find new friends they can play with in the neighborhood. If you see children outside take your child up to them and introduce them properly. This will usually lead to you being able to introduce yourself to their parents. If all the kids play well together, this might lead to play dates, barbecues, joint family get-togethers. Animals are a wonderful way to greet and meet people in the neighborhood. If you have a dog that likes to go for a walk you can explore the neighborhood and you will definitely meet other animal lovers out on their walks as well.

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