protecting your floors during a move

How to Protect Your Floors When Moving

Moving can be a difficult process whether you are moving out of a dwelling or into one. One of the most vulnerable items to receiving damage besides furniture are the floors; hardwood, tile, carpet, area rugs, or linoleum which all have their weaknesses in sustaining damage. The strain of moving furniture across rooms can result in the destruction of expensive floor materials and the last thing anyone wants is to damage something that is so easily protected. Additionally, well-trafficked floors can lose their strength, and sometimes the slightest imperfection can become a torn item. Poorly polished hardwoods and tile floors can be left with moving marks, cracks, or worse, which are undoubtedly an ugly sight you cannot hide.

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Here Are Some Useful Tips to Protect Your Floors:

  • Place durable mats and rugs at all doorways: Moving heavy items into a home usually involves a lot of dirt, dust, and debris which needs to be kept away from the inside of your house to protect your carpets, flooring, and other sensitive objects. It is essential to keep this dirt at bay and with the help of welcome mats and small rugs that can usually be accomplished.
  • All wooden flooring should be covered with floor runners: Wooden flooring should be covered with floor runners to protect them from moving out or in objects, especially if there is a staircase, you’re trying to protect from furniture marks and scratches.
  • Use carpet masking tape: Carpet masking tape is very similar to plastic stretch wrap which will cling strongly to any surface. This will prevent any of your household items from digging into plush carpets or possibly ruining it with sharp edges and corners. This way carpets are also saved from dirt coming into the dwelling from shoes and other packaged items. The last thing you want is dirt accumulating in your carpets. Be sure to wrap all furniture that has draws to prevent them from opening unexpectedly.
  • Wrap heavy furniture legs with towels: Furniture legs can be wrapped with towels, heavy old sheets or moving blankets to prevent them from damaging floors while moving. This can also save furniture legs from being damaged, scraped, or chiseled unnecessarily with all the movement.
  • Use Plywood Sheets: Plywood sheets are light, come in many thicknesses, and are amazing floor protectors, especially when moving heavy boxes, heavy furniture, large electronic items, and any other appliances. When moving heavy items, they tend to drag across flooring so covering floors with plywood will become a barrier of protection. These plywood sheets can also be transported to the new home and used again for moving items providing a thick barrier between the furniture legs, edges, and the floor.
  • Use Sliders when moving heavy furniture: Furniture sliders are a great way to avoid any hassle when moving furniture, especially across carpets and rugs. These will prevent damage from occurring to your floors as well. You can also use heavy socks or shoe booties to wrap the legs of the furniture and slide it on hardwood and tiled flooring. This can be accomplished without the need for a lot of effort and it will safeguard your floors. This method, however, doesn’t work on carpets so keep sliders handy.
  • Cotton sheets: Cotton, polyester, or even woolen sheets can also be used to protect carpets when heavy furniture is being moved or heavy boxes and packed items are placed on it. These sheets can prevent carpets from being damaged by debris and not sustain any stains or scratches.

Hendersonville Professional Moving Company

If you are hiring a professional mover in Hendersonville NC, it is essential to communicate with them about what you expect in terms of protecting furniture, floors, and carpets.  This is also a good time to get to know what methods they will implement. Also, is the moving company your considering one that hands off moving items to other sources, or do they provide the complete service themselves anywhere in the lower 48?

If you are in need of a professional mover, call the professionals at Tru-Pak Moving Systems for hassle-free and efficient moving services. Our top priority is to make sure your belongings are moved safely, professionally, and without incident. We never pass off your belongings to any other carrier, ever. We assign an individualized team of movers to each move we book. Our movers are professionally trained to handle any specific moving job, residential, commercial, office, or business relocation.  Call us today for all of your moving needs at 1-(800) 659-1233.

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