Identifying A Poor Moving Company

For most people, the experience of moving is both exciting and stressful. If you are being relocated to a new company location or have decided to buy or build that dream house you have always wanted choosing the right moving company can be a chancy experience. The first thing you should consider when calling a local mover in Hickory NC is hiring the right moving company, with the right experience and the right price. Getting scammed by the wrong moving company that provides marginal services can be a nightmare. The moving business in general is a very easy type of service to get into if you have a few strong backs with a dolly and a truck.

Prior to hiring a local Hickory moving company learn about some of the more common scams that are being run by less than reputable moving companies.

Who is This Hickory Moving Company?

It is unlikely that you will meet the movers you hire prior to your moving date, so how will you know you have chosen the right professional moving service. Most companies give quotes over the phone and one should always consider having an on-site moving estimate provided by a qualified moving company. It is very important to do your due diligence to make sure the moving company you choose is reputable. We recommend you do your research online making sure they are legitimate and experienced. Second, look at their reviews posted, years in business, look up their DOT#, and of course, are they licensed, bonded, and insured. One very important feature is that they have a national affiliation with carriers like United Van Lines or Mayflower. If you can go to their office, make sure they are not just another fly by night moving service and that they have a physical location. Prior to choosing a mover and booking a moving date, make sure they are not a 3rd party entity that just feeds your information to another moving company source. Also, make sure the moving company you hire is the actual company that will be conducting the move. On the day of the move, it is too late to change companies if they are not who you thought they were. Make sure the moving truck has the company name displayed and their DOT # is printed on it.

No Contract – No Service

With any company you hire to perform a moving service, you will want to have something in writing as to the cost and of what they will actually do. When hiring a Hickory moving company, make sure you get a written estimate for all charges and a contract for the services they will perform. Having a paper trail will always make sense especially if something goes wrong. If the contract seems vague, amateurish, or is missing information you should be concerned. Make sure the contract has everything itemized as to what you are paying for and what the moving company’s responsibilities are. Also never hire any service company that is not insured in case of accidents or damage. Making sure your property and belongings are protected is a wise choice. Prior to signing anything, please ask questions regarding the terms and conditions of their services. Also, make sure there are no additional or hidden charges that can be incurred with your move.

Weight vs Volume

Estimates can be deceiving or altered. Some less reputable moving companies might play a “bait-and-switch” game. They compute the price based on weight, but then you get the bill and it is based on volume which can change the price significantly. Don’t fall for this, and always make sure you know what they are going to charge you in writing, this way they cannot deviate from the price, terms, and conditions of the contract.

Can They Hold You Belongings Hostage?

Another scam some so-called moving companies play on unsuspecting customers is providing you with an initial cost and then informing you during the move that they underestimated it.  They then will recharge you their corrected price often times at a much higher rate. If you refuse to pay it, they will try and hold your belongings hostage or put your items in storage until you pay the difference. Without a written contract and a firm price agreed upon, you will be hard-pressed to retrieve your items without paying the difference in price.

Low Estimates Are Very Common

Be wary of those moving companies who promise low estimates. If you get a quote that is much lower than other moving estimates be very careful. Some moving companies play this game where they will provide you with an extremely low estimate as compared to others and then tack on additional fees to make up for their low-balled pricing. Often times these initial estimates turn out to be as much if not more expensive than some of your other moving quotes.

Movers in Hickory

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