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Important Tips for Packing Your Garage

Most garages are often the last place in the house people put off packing. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the most important. In fact, when homeowners start to pack up their garage, they typically find items thought to be discarded, misplaced, or even given away. Garages house many important items and some which might be used in the moving process, so don’t put it off until last.

So how do you make garage packing manageable? Here are the top tips to packing up items in a garage:

  • Electronic items and power cablesUnplug all electronic items in your garage such as trickle chargers, small battery chargers, etc. from the any power sources. Keep all of the cables and safely folded into plastic bins to prevent from tangling.
  • Consider staging area for the move: Many good size garages are perfect for providing a staging area for boxes, supplies and ready to ship boxes.
  • Bundle all of the handle items such as brooms, rakes, shovels etcItems with any long handles such as brooms, mops, shovels, etc., need to be bundled together for easy transport and to prevent them from hitting any important items in the moving process.
  • Remove fuels from any items such as power toolsAny power tools, portable stoves, hurricane lamps or torches that are stored in your garage and function on oil or gas should be drained before moving. This prevents a dangerous situation that might occur with these items while being transported. It can also prevent other items from being damaged by leaking fuel or oil.
  • Cover all sharp edgesItems with any sharp edges or blades can be hazardous when moving, so it is important to keep this sharp blades, edges and tips covered properly. Sometimes it is better to use heavy items such as blankets, large towels, or any thick material to safely cover these blades etc.
  • Only use small boxes for heavy tools: This is a tried-and-true method to transport heavy tools safely. Use small boxes, not large ones or better yet plastic bins and transporting any tools, heavy ones included. Try and fill any open space between items with towels or cardboard to keep all of them in place and prevent rattling.
  • Packing cushions from lawn itemsSeparately pack all cushions in boxes, cartons or plastic bins to protect them from damage or tearing.
  • Clean the grill before packing itWhen moving outdoor gas grills, it is important to disconnect the propane tank first as moving companies will not transport propane tanks with or without gas in them. If using a charcoal grill, discard any ash or unused charcoal from the grill. This will protect any items in your garage from getting smeared.
  • Planters and potsWhile it may be difficult to pack up all of the pottery you will want to take with you, do so by wrapping items in bubble wrap. For small and fragile pots consider stacking them in the larger pots. They also must be cushioned with packaging materials to keep them from breaking.
  • Transporting bicycles: Bicycle shops do offer boxes for transporting, but you might have to disassemble certain parts for the bikes to fit and store handlebars in their own cartons.  
  • Always label closed boxes and designate them for the garageYour garage is the perfect place to house numerous items, all of which need to be stacked in similar cartons or boxes properly labeled. It is important to be organized and labeling, either by color or categorizing your items will help. Also, purchase a good amount of bubble wrap, collect old towels or sheets for various items, small and fragile.

Packing your garage may be a daunting task, but with these simple tips provided by one of North Carolina’s largest and most successful moving companies, Tru-Pak Moving Systems, the project will be much easier. As many of us tend to use our garages as storage areas, we probably don’t know how much stuff we have accumulated over the years until it is time to pack. You can use this time to purge unwanted items, give them away or donate to your favorite charity.

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