Items a Moving Company Will Not Move

If you are considering a move in the present or near future and have items you are not quite sure your moving professionals will move, please read on.  Most moving companies in Pinehurst NC are full-service moving specialists but they do follow regulations set by state law and standard company policies. Here are 5 things moving companies want you to personally move and why. Let’s start with the obvious and move on to the personal.


There are many issues around moving companies transporting firearms and explosives like bullet across state lines and for good reason. Ask the professional movers at Tru-Pak Moving Systems for policies and procedures if you are planning on taking your firearms and ammunition with you on your next move.


There are rules and state transport regulations concerning the transport of propane tanks, gasoline containers, fireworks, explosives etc. in truck that moves along the highway. These types of materials cannot be transported by a moving company. It takes special licensing to transport anything that is flammable or explosive.

Perishable Items such as Food, Plants and Pets

Moving companies reframe from excepting the responsibility for living articles like plants, pets, live fish and corals and especially food stuffs. If you plan on moving any of these items you will have to make accommodations on your own. Some living items may be shipped if properly packed and specially designated as perishable. Plants are another matter as many states have restrictions on the importing of plant life from outside their domain.

What to do with Items Movers will not Move?

As discussed, once these items have been designated as non-transportable you will need to find other sources of transportation. In most cases, it is best to follow state laws and leave the plants behind, make alternative plans for pets and any living animals like corals or fish kept in your own transporting possession. This is the most economical and easiest way to ensure their safety on these types of non-allowable moving company items. If transporting ammunition and firearms, it is best to discover the state laws in the state you will be residing for the rules and regulations regarding firearms. If you have to move perishable or frozen foods, cold packing usually works well for most food stuffs needed to be shipped.

Consider Sale, Donation or Disposal

If you come to realize that it is easier and cheaper to sale, donate or just dispose of certain items it might save you time and money in the long run. A freezer full of frozen food might be better donated to a local charity than to pay to have it shipped frozen. There is always the possibility of delay and thawing and the tax write-off could be substantial. Toxic, flammable, corrosive chemicals need to be disposed of correctly according to local and state laws. A full tank of propane is better left at home or given away because it cannot be transported across most state lines.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems?

If you are hiring a moving company in Pinehurst NC or are in need of a moving estimate, let the professionals at Tru-Pak Moving quote you a firm and affordable moving estimate. We can also answer any moving questions about items you want included in your move and guide you on what you need to consider when moving on your own. We have been serving the moving and storage needs of Pinehurst residents for over 60 years. That right.

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