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Items That Should Be Packed First When Moving

Most moving projects are an arduous task that should be accomplished over many weeks if not months depending on the size and scope of the move. Moving one’s home, office or even business takes planning and organization. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we specialize in residential, commercial, office, employee relocation, and military moves anywhere you need to move. Across town, the state, the nation, or even the world. We have been a household staple as a moving company in Lake Norman NC for over 60 years. This article focuses on ways to organize your household moving project and the items you should pack first to get a clear handle on the job. We also are including a calendar timeframe to make it easy for the average mover to understand the packing up and moving process.

Preparing for Moving Day

As with any project it is best to start with certain tasks that need to be performed first then move on to additional projects that will need to be completed. We at Tru-Pak Moving suggest you make a task sheet so you can stay organized, stay on track, and get the most accomplished with the least amount of stress possible. This is what we refer to as the Preparation Stage and should include acquiring all of the boxes and supplies like tape, labels, bubble wrap, newspaper, and markers you will need to start the packing and discarding process.

We now suggest you determine what needs to be packed for the move and what needs to be discarded, given away, or trashed. If you start early you can coordinate a yard sale, donation pickups, don’t forget to get receipts and giveaways to friends and family. Next take an inventory of what needs to packed by room and start boxing up items by not needed now, to those to be boxed last.

Start Early-Don’t Procrastinate

Here we have listed a more detailed list of items to pack and when to pack them.

As previously discussed, we recommend having a moving project calendar, one you find on our website here: at the bottom of the page. This will help you stay focused and on schedule if you follow it. Non-essential items go first at the beginning of the moving process.

One Month Prior to Moving Day- Create a Staging Area/Ground Floor

  1. Start with your attic and work your way down. Maybe you garage is the collectible region, then start there. Box up picture albums, scrapbooks, figurines, really any collection you have acquired over time.
  2. Extra items like towels, linens, dining room linens, maybe even office supplies.
  3. Holiday items
  4. Seasonal clothing needs to be boxed also.

3 Weeks Prior to Moving Day  

  1. Décor, hanging artwork, framed pictures, and table ornaments. Get all of the little stuff up of tables and carefully pack them by room and label boxes for setup.
  2. Fine china and all of your kitchen utensils might be next.
  3. All of your hobby or entertainment items like DVD’s, books, video games, cd’s, records, stamp or coin collections.

2 Weeks Prior To Moving Day

  1. Children’s games, toys, stuffed animals, etc.
  2. Jewelry and certain valuables like guns, ammunition, etc.
  3. Bathroom closets items.

1 Week Prior to Moving

  1. Electronics, stereos, radios, electronic cords, and supplies.
  2. Kitchen equipment including dishes, glass wear, knives, pots and pans, and utensils.
  3. Clothing and personal belongings packed by room.
  4. Toiletries and non-essential medicines.
  5. Wine collection and any alcoholic beverages, bar items.

1 to 2 Days Prior to Moving

  1. Furniture and small appliances
  2. Miscellaneous items like rugs, curtains, blinds etc.
  3. Tools and hardware.

Moving Day Has Arrived

  1. Beds disassembled
  2. Personal Items going with you and the children.
  3. Cleaning supplies for the new home and the old one.
  4. Snacks and food for the trip and don’t forget to get money out of the bank.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving?

We are specialists in the moving and storage business. We have been doing just that since 1960, over 60 years of continuous service to our customers and clients. If you are planning on hiring a moving company in Lake Norman NC you have many choices to choose from. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines. We have performed 1000’s of moves for residential, commercial, office, employee relocation, equipment, freight, and military personnel across the state, country, and around the world. Give us a call at 1-800-659-1233 for a free moving estimate.

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