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Morganton, North Carolina is more than just a rural enclave and part of the Hickory-Lenoir-Morganton MSA but also the site of the oldest inland European settlement in North America. This important site was established in 1567 by a Spanish expedition seeking to develop an inland trade route for Mexican silver. Interestingly enough this settlement/fort was established 40 years before the English colony of Jamestown Virginia. Built in what is now known as part of the Mississippian cultural civilization of naïve American Indians that flourished between 800 AD and 1600 AD, this European Fort is an important historical and archeological site near the Watersee River in the Upper Catawba Valley at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Today, Morganton occupies this area and has an estimated population of around 17,000 and the county seat of Burke County North Carolina. The State of North Carolina is Morganton’s chief employer with facilities that include Broughton Psychiatric Hospital and the North Carolina School for the Deaf. The area also has a vibrant tourist trade due to its small-town atmosphere with many historical buildings and close proximity to the rivers and mountains that it borders. Since 1960, Tru-Pak Moving Systems, a local and long-distance moving company has been serving Morganton’s governmental, business and residential moving needs. Tru-Pak Moving is a licensed, bonded and insured moving company. We pride ourselves as being both a small-town moving company and the State of North Carolina’s largest mover. Our main offices and warehouse division is just down the road from Morganton in Conover NC but Morganton is so close that we consider ourselves a Morganton “moving business”.

If you are an individual, family, office or business in need of a moving company specialist, look no further than Tru-Pak Moving Systems. We are professional movers with years of moving experience across town, around the state, the country and the world. The so-called “moving business” is made up of many different types of companies, some part-time laborers with a rental truck and others who have professionally trained personnel to handle any type of moving requirement. That is the Tru-Pak Difference! We are a full-service moving company serving Morganton with specialized services not found in our competition. We offer, on-site and online moving quotes performed by highly trained Moving Estimators who establish firm and affordable pricing. Once a move is booked, we assign every move with their very own personalized Moving Coordinator who handles every detail down to the smallest one. Next, we assign a personalized Moving Team, complete with lead driver and professionally trained personnel, to pack, load, deliver and unpack your valuables. These moving company processes are almost unheard of in the moving industry. It takes commitment, resources and knowledge to put these unique processes in place on every move we make. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we want to be your moving company of choice. That is how we built our moving business, to become the largest independent moving company east of the Mississippi and south of Virginia.  Our 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee is job number one.


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We here at Tru-Pak Moving have one mission and one mission only, to be the best, safest, most affordable mover available. We have developed a moving process that is second to none and we make Booking Your Move as easy as 1,2,3,4

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    First impressions are always the most important when choosing any company to do business with. That is why at Tru-Pak Moving we deliver professional estimates on every move we consider. Firm pricing performed by professionally trained Moving Estimators for residential moves, business and corporate moves, office moves, employee relocations, governmental and military personnel moves and freight hauling and storage. Our Online Moving Quotes are relatively fast and easy to perform and we also offer On-site Moving Estimates if desired. Once your move has been booked, we always assign a personal Moving Coordinator to handle all the details so you don’t have to.

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    Tru-Pak Moving guarantees all pick-up and delivery dates to meet your schedule, across town or across the nation. Tru-Pak Moving always assigns a professionally trained personal “Moving Team” to each and every move we make. This is almost unheard of in the moving industry but something we believe in for the convenience of our customers. Your moving team always includes an experienced lead driver, packers, loaders, delivery personnel you can count on that are responsible for your valuables from pick-up to delivery That is what we call the “Tru-Pak Moving Difference”.

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    Tru-Pak Moving Systems always assigns a personal “Moving Coordinator” to every move we provide. They oversee all aspects of your moving project and have a complete handle on your move at every stage. Whether moving across town or across the nation, your personal Moving Coordinator has the resources to handle every detail. These one-point-of-contact Moving Coordinators are specifically trained to handle every type of move including corporate moves, residential moves, equipment moving, office moves and even employee relocations. Our Moving Coordinators that handle government and military personnel moves have special training to comply with all governmental policies and requirements. Across Morganton, across the State of North Carolina or around the United States and the world, you can put your trust in Tru-Pak Moving Systems for any moving project.

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    We here at Tru-Pak Moving take our jobs very seriously because we have your valuables to protect at every turn. We also have our reputations on the line as the best moving service available. We professionally train all our personnel from our warehouse and inventory control clerks, to estimators, moving coordinators and even our management team responsible for overseeing our entire operation. We believe there are many moving companies vying for your business but there is only one customer. We cherish and protect that relationship no matter the size or scope of the load. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is a licensed, bonded and insured moving company and proud of our over 60 years of providing moving services. If you are looking for a moving company in Morganton NC make it Tru-Pak Moving Systems.


Our Customers are Saying

"After working with Tru-Pak for approximately four years, they are one of the carriers I call first. Tru-Pak knows our level of expectation for deliveries to our customers. Their rates are very competitive, they are dependable, and they work hard to meet our requests. I almost think of them as an extension of our company. I have grown to trust them"

Tony T.

Transportation Manager, Hickory Business Furniture

"We deal with Tru-Pak almost every day. They have been very dependable, and they handle our hospital beds better than anyone else we can hand them off to. Tru-Pak has done a good job of wrapping, strapping and handling the beds carefully and properly."

Mickey C.

Piedmont Medical

"Your employees made our move an enjoyable experience. They are the best!"

William T.J. Jr.