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Moving a Bedroom, The Right Way

As with any lived-in room, bedrooms can be one of the most difficult to pack because of the number of acquired items one finds in them. Overwhelming as they maybe there is a simple way to de-cluttered the mess and organize the task so things can go much smoother.

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Below are some simple things one can accomplish, before the arrival of the moving date, to make the process go that much easier.

Acquire the Right Supplies

Prior to packing up all your items, make sure you have purchased the right supplies for the job. Since it is a bedroom, you will need a different assortment of moving boxes like wardrobe boxes, medium to large boxes, maybe even file boxes, plenty of shipping tape, multi-purpose shears, and even different colored markers and labels to organize the contents of your bedroom. The first thing to accomplish is to create an inventory list for each person’s bedroom by documenting each room’s furniture, specific items, bed linens, etc. and then color code the boxes according to each specific room so items don’t get mixed up with all the other room’s boxes. Also, you need to make sure you label any boxes that are fragile so that the movers know which boxes should be handled with special care.

De-clutter as Much as You Physically Can

The most difficult part of any move is getting rid of the items you have accumulated over the years and no longer need. Going through the de-cluttering process is easy as long as you create piles, the keep pile, and then get rid of pile. This is very important because it will reduce what you have to pack and take with you when you move. It can also help you decide what items should be donated, sold, or handed down to family and friends. Make sure that during this process you separate the items you absolutely need during your move and pack them in an overnight suitcase, items like medicines, toiletries, clothes for the journey and work, expensive jewelry, etc.

Start Off Small

Tackling a bedroom can become overwhelming so it is always better to start off small. Try working backward and focus on the contents that may be on top of a dresser or nightstand, items like jewelry, books, lamps, then tackle clothing in drawers and closets. After you have separated the items out you are taking, make sure you stay organized by labeling and try and store each box according to the rooms they came out of. Don’t forget to label those boxes that contain items that can break, fragile. We also recommend that you pack precious jewelry and any items of sentimental value separately and keep those with you at all times when you are moving.

Packing Breakable Items

As you are packing items, you should separate those items that are breakable. Pack up knick-knacks, mirrors, picture frames, lamps, vases, and the rest in secured boxes that will handle the move. It is always a good idea to wrap these items in plastic bubble wrap, store them in a box marked fragile to prevent them from being broken in transit.

Bedding, Linens, and Clothing

When assessing your closet items, it is important to sort clothes that are out of season and pack these items first. Then concentrate on the items you are currently wearing except if your move involves a change of climate. For dresses, suits, formal attire, outdoor wear, these items should be stored in wardrobe boxes, all else can be packed away, folded, in traditional boxes. All items that can go in a box really need to be properly folded and stored neatly. If you do not have your shoes in boxes, try and pack your shoes in moving boxes where you have bedding, sheets, or towels as this will tend to protect and not crush your shoes.

The Dreaded Bedroom Furniture

You will probably need help disassembling your bedroom furniture, however, if you feel you are ready for the task then proceed cautiously. You will want to start by disassembling your bed frame and mattresses first, then securing your dresser drawers by wrapping them shut with plastic wrap. Make sure you have removed all of the contents first. Try and stage all items to the side where the movers have easy access.

Curtains, Wall Hanging, Paintings, Pictures, and Area Rugs

If your bedrooms have any of the above items in them, use common sense on the boxes you choose to store and ship. If you have any area rugs, make sure you vacuum them thoroughly and then roll them up for moving. If you are taking curtains with you, remember the hardware and have them professionally cleaned prior to packing or hanging them in wardrobe boxes as they surely have collected dust over the years. Try and limit the wrinkles in them so you can just hang them again when you move into your new dwelling.

Pinehurst Moving Company Specialists

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