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Moving Delicate Furniture

Tru-Pak Moving’s Tips on Protecting Your Delicate Pieces

If you have acquired pieces of delicate furniture and are now moving them to a new location, that needs to be accomplished with precision and care. Besides having sentimental value most delicate furniture is an investment in money that should not be left up to just any moving service to transport. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we recommend you hire only a professional moving company in Statesville NC, with years of experience to pack, load, deliver and unload either locally or on a long-distance move. Most furniture is somewhat durable and can withstand a limited number of bumps and bangs. But antique furniture or delicate furniture, i.e. glass tables, century-old or even unique, one-of-a-kind pieces need to be handled with special care by trained hands.

Here are some tips to help anyone moving, either by themselves or by a moving company that is possibly not trained to handle such items.

Never Move Items by Yourself: Moving most pieces of furniture by yourself is just a disaster waiting to happen. Large and bulky furniture is extremely difficult to move. Trying to move many pieces by yourself will significantly increase the risk of injury and can damage your furniture. Always try and move furniture with at least one other person. When that is not an option, we highly recommend you call a reputable Statesville Moving Company like Tru-Pak Moving Systems to handle your next move.

Carrying Large Pieces from the Top and Bottom: Lifting and moving any large item is all about balance. The low/high technique will ensure that the weight of large or heavier items is distributed equally. When lifting a large dresser or cabinet, you will want to tip the item backward, so your moving partner can grab it from the bottom. This will then allow you to grab it from the top. This is the best technique when moving items down a flight of steps.

Never Try to Force a Piece Through a Narrow Opening: We have all run into this situation like moving a couch through a doorway and it doesn’t fit. Usually, the next step is to try and force it through the doorway. Unfortunately, that is not the best option as it can damage both the doorways and your furniture. The best option is to remove the door from the hinges and walking the couch through the doorway.

Padding and Wrapping All Furniture: When moving delicate furniture that you want to be protected, you should always cover and wrap your furniture by using blankets, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap. This will keep your furniture from incurring scratches and dents. Moving in the rain? Plastic wrap will also protect your furniture from water. When packing items in a moving truck, pad your furniture with broke down cardboard boxes, Styrofoam, blankets, or even pillows.

The Right Way to Organize a Moving Van or Truck: Professional movers are trained to properly pack a truck. By gauging the size, weight, and placement of furniture, moving technicians keep items from shifting during transport. If you need expert advice or would like to speak with one of our professional moving consultants contact Tru-Pak Moving at 1-800-659-1233

Securing your Furniture’s Doors and Drawers: Furniture with doors and/or drawers need to be taped shut so they cannot swing or slide open during transport. Plastic wrap again is a great product as it can’t damage or leave glue residue on the furniture.

Hire a Professional Statesville Moving Company : The best way to protect your delicate and valuable furniture is to let the professionals at Tru-Pak Moving move it for you. With over 60 years in business and thousands of accomplished moves, we have the knowledge and expertise to professionally pack, load, and transport your furniture without incident. Give us a call for a free estimate on your next Statesville move at (800) 659-1233.

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