Packing Services

Packing, Unpacking, and Crating Services

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we understand that moving your family, your home and its contents can be an arduous project. We offer “complete” moving services including packing and un-packing services so you can enjoy your moving experience knowing professional packers have secured all of your valuables. These two services can be unbundled so we can pack all or just some of your personal and household goods, including every room in your home, even the kitchen. Then you can un-pack them at your convenience. We are also available to un-pack what we packed at your direction if you choose us to perform that service. Professional packing services is really an art.  Specialized and trained packing personnel will carefully wrap each individual item in boxes and designate/mark them so you will know where everything is.

We only use the specific packing supplies and appropriate boxes needed to ensure your items arrive safely to their final destination. We can actually pack a limited amount of the items you are moving so the services can be scaled to your needs. If you choose to pack all or some of your items, we can offer many packing tips your Moving Coordinator will be glad to explain to you. We have found that individualizing these services based on the customers needs is also an option. Crating specific items is also a service we provide for paintings, antiques and large and delicate items. Hard, wooden crates offer a more secured option especially if many works of art are in need of securing. So, let’s review all of the packing and transport services and options Tru-Pak offers at a glance.

Why Choose
TRU-PAK Moving Systems

When it comes to moving you and your family, nobody does it better than us. We are an award-winning local, long-distance and international mover with 60 years of experience. You shouldn’t trust moving your valuables around the corner or around the world to just anyone. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is the best alternative to small, local handyman movers with a dolly and a truck. An independent agent for United Van Lines, Tru-Pak offers unique, one-of-a-kind packing and unpacking alternatives to meet any need. Simply stated, we do precisely what the customer wants, provide what the customer deserves. Affordable services like packing, unpacking and crating items for transport and delivery. Unbundling our packing services as you need them, that is the “Tru-Pak Difference”.

Packing Options for Your Next Move

Packing Options

  1. You pack everything to transport yourself. We offer a wide variety of packing supplies and boxes necessary for moving. We will then take all of those boxes and items, individually blanket wrap all furniture and professionally pack our vans for the most secured move possible.
  2. Limited packing Packing only what you designate, based on your needs. As little or as much as needs to be professionally packed. Again, we blanket wrap all furniture and secure all boxes for transit
  3. We pack everything, every item carefully stored in a professionally packed box for transport and secure those and all of your blanket-wrapped furniture for delivery.

Unpacking Options

  1. You unpack all boxes after we have conveniently placed them in the rooms you have designated. We place all of the furniture where you want it and can even help set up specific items like beds etc. at your direction. This way you can unpack at your leisure and our transport crews can return.
  2. We unpack a limited-amount of boxes at your direction but still put all of the boxes and items in the areas/rooms and place the furniture where you want it placed. We also will dispose of all the unpacked boxes as needed.
  3. We unpack every box and place the items for either to put where you want them or have us stage them for your placement. The furniture goes where you want it and when we are done dispose of the boxes by hauling them away. The Grand Daddy of Them All for those wanting our unique “Premiere, White Glove Service”

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