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Packing Up Your Garage

Many moving homeowners put off packing their garages last usually due to the fact that garages are a valuable staging area for all kinds of items large and small. A very important moving tip is to use any open space that a garage can provide as an area to box, wrap and stack items meant for the moving truck. This catch-all location can also provide space to house empty boxes, packing materials, and partially packed boxes waiting for additional items to be included. But besides the project at hand, it is efficient time well spent if you are planning a move to actually start in the areas of the home that house items that are not used on a consistent basis. Garages are therefore at the top of the list of projects that should actually be started first to clear out any items you don’t plan on keeping and that could be sold, donated, or passed down. This would be true of any attics or basements, if you have one, to include in your first to handle projects to identify what is valuable to keep and what is not.

After you have made a successful attempt to ID those items you wish to keep, now you are ready to take a stab at packing the garage. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we are one of the souths oldest and most dependable moving companies in Morganton NC. Since 1960 we have been offering moving services and advice to help homeowners move more efficiently. Below are our moving tips for garage items that you plan on taking to your new home.

  • Electronic items and power cables: Unplugging all of your electric items in your garage, chargers, battery tenders, peripheral lights, heaters, etc. Fold up the cables and place them safely away into a box to prevent tangling.
  • Always use small, heavy-duty boxes for heavy items: Small, strong boxes, plastic bins or cartons are perfect for packing any heavy tools. Pack light and heavy items together and decide on the weight for picking up and carrying.
  • Cover sharp edges on tools: Hand saws, axes, sharp-edged garden items can be dangerous when moving. Cover any sharp edges and keep tooltips from presenting a threat to those who may move them. Try and box everything using your imagination like purchasing a wardrobe box to house these items.
  • What about rakes, shovels, and large brooms: Any items that have a long handle such as a garden rake, shovels, brooms, etc. need to be bundled together. This will prevent them from harming anyone or other important items in the moving van.
  • Remove fuel from power tools: Any tools that require a gasoline-like mower, chain saws, power edger, and leaf blowers should be drained before moving. Moving companies will not move these items with gasoline in them.
  • Lawn chairs: Pack cushions separately in a protective bag or container to prevent damage. Cushions may also be used to protect other items in boxes to be packed.
  • Outdoor grills: Moving an outdoor grill is a pretty easy thing. Detach the gas tank if it has one and it is always a good idea to have it professionally emptied out. Moving companies will not pack and move propane tanks unless they are empty. It is also a good idea to clean the grill thoroughly for transport.
  • Large Flowerpots: Consider moving empty flower pots and trays that are boxed up and bubble wrapped for transport. Live plants are usually not allowed in many different states and moving companies do not want to be responsible for live plants.
  • Moving sports equipment: Consider buying a transport box from a sporting goods store, moving supply company, or bicycle shops. Consider transporting a bike yourself on a bike rack for your car.
  • Labeling boxes for easy identification: Pack your garage items in similar color-coded boxes for easy identification. This type of organization can be very helpful when trying to identify what might be needed in your new home. Unpacking household items is a daunting task and using the new garage if you have one like the old for staging can be quite helpful.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving?

Tru-Pak Moving is a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines. We have been moving Morganton residents across town, the state, and the nation for over 60 years. Our loyal customers trust us for all of their residential, commercial, business, and employee relocation moving needs. If you are hiring a mover in Morganton NC look no further. We specialize in all local and long-distance moving and even provide our military personnel, that are in a change of duty station move, anywhere in the world. Give us a call at 800-659-1233 for a free, no-obligation written moving estimate and quote. Tru-Pak Moving Systems. “Experience the Difference!”

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