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Preparing for Moving Day

How Can We Help Our Mover?

As most people know, the main objective of almost all professional moving companies is to complete the move as fast and efficiently as possible. Additionally, movers are very aware of moving articles without damaging them in any way. But how can, you the consumer, assist your moving company in this process? We thought it best to equip you with some helpful hints of things you can accomplish before moving day arrives. Being prepared is the key to any successful move and by being more efficiently organized your move will go off without a hitch reducing stress and even having a potentially less costly proposition on all concerned.

Break Down Furniture-Shelving, Tables, Area Rugs

The first consideration about dismantling a table should be is the item more easily manageable to move or not? If so, dismantling shelving, tables, and any items that can be should be, especially if they are cumbersome and heavy. But remember to break down pieces and leave them together and don’t forget to save all of the screws, bolts, and other items needed to reassemble. If you have any questions about what furniture can be broken down easily and what should be left alone call Tru-Pak Moving Systems, a premier moving company in Pinehurst NC since 1960.

Removing all Items from Your Walls

It is very easy to overlook all those pictures and mirrors on your walls when you are in the throws of moving an apartment or house. First, remove any breakable items off the walls first like mirrors, pictures framed in glass, and any antiques that might require careful handling. Protect these articles by wrapping them in bubble wrap and boxing to prevent breakage. Take all of the wall hanging items like nails, screws, and special picture frame accessories and store them in plastic bags, and secure them with the items.

Label all Your Boxes Properly

It is very important to label all boxes and items by room and items contained so that the movers will know where each item goes and you will be able to find what you are looking for in the event you might need something during the move. At Tru-Pak Moving we suggest using a color-coding system for items separated by rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc. by placing a simple color sticker on the top and sides of the boxes.

Separate Items that Your Mover will Not Load

This is a very important process so the “Moving Team” from Tru-Pak will know what they are responsible for and what is not being loaded onto the truck. We suggest you either move those items to a different staging area and clearly mark them as not being moved. Remember and try not to take on too much on your own only to find out later that you should have let the movers move these items.

Removing all Bedding Items

A very minor project but important when moving bedroom furniture. Remove and store, box, etc. all bedroom items including sheets, mattress covers, and pillows prior to the movers arriving. It will make the move go much faster and smoother if movers don’t have to contend with these items. They in turn will wrap your mattresses and box springs to keep from getting soiled.

Gather Up All Electrical Cords

Many times, occupants forget to round up all of those electrical cords left after dismantling a room. Gather, roll up, tie and box these items and clearly mark the box or you might find yourself in the dark when setting up your electrical appliances and lamps in your next location.

Defrost Your Refrigerator and Freezer

Last but not least, don’t forget to clean, disinfect and defrost your refrigerator/freezers and turn the appliance off. This way the next inhabitant will be able to access the cleanliness of the item and decide if they, in turn, need to re-clean it. Also, this will save on electric bills until the new owners take charge of the property.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems as Your Pinehurst Moving Specialist?

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we specialize in all types of moving services for home, office, business, employee relocation, and military moves. We have been serving the needs of Pinehurst residents since 1960 with many unique and diversified services. As a licensed, bonded and insured independent agent for United Van Lines we are specialists in local, long-distance, and international moves. We believe there can be nothing more stressful to an individual, couple, business owner, or even active military personnel than to uproot your home and move to a different locale. We take the stress out of moving every day for countless numbers of people from all different parts of North Carolina. Make your next moving partner Tru-Pak Moving Systems. Give us a call at 800-659-1233 for a free moving estimate and experience the Tru-Pak Difference.

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