Residential Moving Services

Moving Your Family, Your Home, Your Life

If you are moving your family and possessions across North Carolina, the Country or around the World you are not alone. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2018 over 35 million people moved in the United States.  For the most part, 62% of movers still lived in the same county after their move as they did before it, while 34% of movers moved to a different county, state or country. Leading the list of states where movers left, were Illinois, Arkansas, New Jersey and New York and the top state where more people moved in than moved out was Idaho. North Carolina was 7th on the list of states where more people moving in than out. To put this in proper perspective, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) identified that for every 3 million moves occurring, experienced professional moving companies were involved roughly 22% of the time with consumers renting trucks 33% and unassisted consumers represented 34% of movers. Another interesting statistic, again conducted by the AMAS, involved who is actually paying for the movement of these household shipments moved by Professional Moving Companies. Of moves conducted by professionals, 43% were paid for by the consumers themselves, while 40% were sponsored by corporations, 16% were military and 1% were paid for by a federal agency.

So, what does separate one moving company from another? What are the important features one should consider when choosing a Professional Mover that takes control of your family’s lifetime possessions? At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we are a family business in the business of moving your family. We understand that moving across town or across the nation can be a very stressful, life-altering event that should not be left up to just any mover. Hiring the right mover means having an efficient, hassle and damaged-free experience. Since our company was founded by my father in 1960, many things have changed in the moving industry, some for the better, some not. Unfortunately, it seems all too often many moving companies are started with a couple of strong backs, a dolly and a rental truck, taking possession of the items most families hold dear.  Your belongings, heirlooms, and memories should not be entrusted to just anybody. It takes professional judgment, experience, organized processes, and a working staff to inventory, secure, pack, load, ship and deliver damage-free products, initiated with many safeguards other companies don’t even consider. That is the Tru-Pak difference. We are a licensed, bonded and insured residential moving company.

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Our Moving Process

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    Tru-Pak Moving Systems makes booking your move fast and easy with our free, on-line moving quotes, guaranteed firm pricing and our professionally managed in-house estimates that are always free.

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    Once your move has been booked, Tru-Pak always assigns an experienced Moving Coordinator to give you one point of contact and the peace of mind that one person will schedule and handle all of the details, so you don’t have to. 

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    We guaranteed a pick-up and delivery date performed by an experienced and professional moving team that will load, deliver and unload your precious valuables. This is almost unheard of in the moving industry, assigning one moving team to complete your move, which separates Tru-Pak Moving Systems from all the others.

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    We believe that your valuables are as important to us as they are to you and that is why we go to such great lengths to protect even the smallest box or item. Our inventory control check list leaves no stone unturned and we stand behind every move we make with a dedicated team of professionals who are licensed, bonded, professionally trained and insured.

TRU-PAK's Focus on Customer Service
...So You Don't Have To

We understand you have many choices when it comes to choosing a Professional Moving Company to handle your move. It all starts with an individualized process that includes honest pricing and competitive, affordable rates. From your initial phone call, free in-house estimate or online moving quote, your move will be handled in the most efficient manner possible. Our collective goal is to provide you with a seamless, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed moving experience. Our team of moving professionals, many of whom have been employees for over 30 years, are experienced in moving families across the country, around the world and across the state. We assign an individual Moving Coordinator to each and every move we make and our team of skilled professional movers complete the move from start to finish. That’s right. The moving team assigned to your move, packs, loads, delivers, unpacks and certifies your move is complete when the last box is delivered. At Tru-Pak our certified professional drivers have a lot of window time in every state in the lower 48. With over 300 trucks, making us the largest privately-owned mover east of the Mississippi River and south of Virginia. We specialize in moves of all kinds, meeting scheduling timeframes and deadlines with prompt, efficient service. Completing over 4000 moves per year takes a dedicated team of managers and professionals to ensure each move is finished in a safe and efficient manner.

Residential Moving Checklist and Schedule

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we recommend that all our residential customers take the time to adhere to a Moving Timetable for making their move easier and stress-free. Below are the timeframes and scheduled tasks we recommend in chronological order.

2-3 Months Prior

  1. Create an inventory notebook so you can collect all of the pertinent data you will retain during the move.
  2. Start cleaning out any of your unwanted items. Consider having a garage sale on the first available Saturday. Donate what you can.
  3. Survey each room and create an inventory of what will be moved room by room.
  4. If you are shipping important documents make an inventory and copy what can not be replaced if lost or stolen. Create a file and pack in a unique, special box so that you can easily add to it as you start to pack.
  5. Call Tru-Pak Moving Systems for a free, no-obligation quote.

1-1.5 Months Prior

  1. Decide on the Moving Company you wish to choose and schedule your moving dates.
  2. Make all of your travel arrangements, flights, car rentals, hotels etc...for the trip.
  3. Purchase all of the packing supplies you will need to complete the move.
  4. Contact your local utility, security and cable providers to set up disconnecting dates.
  5. Contact the local utility, security, internet providers where you are moving to set up service dates.
  6. Contact your home and new-home bank in order to establish funds in both areas.
  7. Make sure you have all the medications you take filled for your journey and one month’s supply for where you are going.
  8. Inform all of your friends and relatives about your change of address and expected moving timeframes and move-in date.

2 Weeks Prior

  1. Confirm all of the dates you are adhering to and any changes that might take place and include all service providers, moving company etc...
  2. Inform the U.S. Postal Service about a change of address and a forwarding address for mail.
  3. Make sure any important vendors know about your upcoming move.
  4. Most importantly. Start to Pack if you haven’t already started. In large households, we recommend packing as early as 4 weeks out. Your packing should be completed at least 1 week from your moving date if not sooner.
  5. We recommend a walk-through of your new dwelling to ensure everything is ready for the move-in to take place if possible.

1 Week Prior

  1. Pack personal items that will accompany you on the move.
  2. Inventory all keys and any devices like a garage door or electric window shade operators.
  3. Make sure your car is serviced for the upcoming trip.
  4. Staging the move if possible. We recommend staging the packed boxes in an area for easy transport. This frees up space in other rooms for cleaning.
  5. Make sure you are marking/designating each packed box for contents and room assignments.
  6. Schedule a cleaning service to come in and clean once the house is vacated.
  7. Make sure you have the phone, email and contact list of everyone you might need during the move.
  8. Most Importantly… Answer the phone from Your Tru-Pak Moving Coordinator. That Will Ensure You Are Not Missing Anything You Need To Accomplish.
  9. Clean out your pantry, refrigerator, freezer and any products that can be donated or carried during your move.

Moving Day

  1. Try and relax. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is on the job. The Moving Coordinator has already informed you as to the Lead Driver and his workers by name. They will arrive at the appointed time.
  2. You will be provided with a moving inventory, put it in your moving notebook.
  3. Perform a final walk through after the movers have emptied the dwelling just to make sure you have not left anything.