Short Distance Moves

Moving any size house is always a taxing job, regardless of the distance, short or long. But in the case of a short-distance move, there are limited factors about moving that could be in your favor. Not having to take a long-distance trip to your new home means less cost, time out of pocket, and in many cases less aggravation of things going wrong. Depending on how short the distance might be, could mean more frequent trips back and forth to the dwelling at a cost savings on just about everything. But don’t take it for granted that just because you are not moving far away, the move itself will not be an arduous task, it still will be. And if you have valuable items that need professional care and are considering hiring a moving company in Morganton, NC call your hometown professional mover Tru-Pak Moving Systems. We have been servicing Morganton clients for over 60 years. In any event, we have included ideas on short-distance moves that might make the trip go smoother.

Here are some basic moving tips to be kept in mind when planning a short distance move:

  • First get organized: Whenever considering a household move, you should start by getting organized even if the move only involves a short distance from your current location. It might seem an easier project than packing up for an across the state or the nation move, but you will still need to accomplish all of the same tasks.
  • Acquire ample boxes: When planning a move, even a short distance away, you will want to protect your goods so they will not get damaged. Chances are you will need a good amount of moving boxes depending on the amount of household items you have. If you are moving yourself, it is best to start collecting or ordering boxing at your earliest convenience. Short distance moves might allow you to reusing some boxes by emptying them out in one place and then filling them back up.
  • Be sure to pack emergency items in one handy bag or box: If you have never experienced a moving project, make task performance a priority. You really never want to move all of your belongings and then find out you can’t find your tooth brush, toilet paper, or worse, medicines. That will cause you to spend hours tearing through boxes trying to locate all of those necessary items. To make your life easier, pack all of your essential items in one marked box, bag or suitcase and keep it separate from all of your other boxes.
  • Make specific inventory lists: It is essential to label all of your boxed items by room and contents so you know where each box will go in the new home. Inventory lists can help you keep track of your important items whether you hire a local moving company or are completing the move yourself. The idea is not to misplace anything and to help you keep track of what boxes aren’t going to be unpacked when the move has been completed.
  • Evaluate the need of hiring a moving truck: Since you are only moving a short distance, it might not be an absolute necessity to rent a truck. In most cases you will probably need a small truck for larger items like couches, dining room tables, etc. but many boxes maybe moved in the SUV or car. Hiring a professional mover has a lot of advantages especially if you have expensive items that you just don’t want anyone to pick up and move. Don’t take the cheap way out if your risk of lost, stole, damaged or misplaced items outweighs the minimal cost of hiring the right company. Also, professional moving companies like Tru-Pak Moving Systems, have scalable services like packing and unpacking services, assigned moving teams and are licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Short distance moving: If you have never experienced a move and want to learn more about what is involved, visit Tru-Pak’s website You will find more valuable tips on moving, timetables for completing the project and helpful ideas on what needs to be accomplished for your moving experienced to be both successful and damaged free.

Why Hire a Professional Moving Company?

Considering all of the things that could go wrong even in a short distance move, valuable items might need a professional’s touch, not a friend or neighborhood kid carrying them to the car or truck. At Tru-Pak Moving we have been offering affordable moving services for over 60 years. As an independent agent for United Van Lines, we have the experience and resources to handle any size move: short or long-distance for residential, commercial, office, business, or employee relocations. We are also one of North Carolina’s largest and most successful moving companies providing moving service to anywhere in the nation.

Give us a call today at 1-800-659-1233 and let one of our experienced moving estimators give you a quote on your next move.

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