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Should You Only Buy New Boxes for Moving?

If you are considering a move in the near future, probably at the top of your moving preparation checklist might be trying to find used moving boxes in good shape, saving yourself some money. You set about asking friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe even a grocery store manager to see if any and all have any old boxes you can use. Maybe you might even consider circling a few parking lots or driving behind some of those big box stores and staking out their dumpsters in hope of finding decent boxes to move your precious belongings. Usually, anytime one can save a few dollars by retrieving partially uses items versus buying new one first tries the former in hopes of saving a buck or two. In the case of acquiring moving boxes, this might be a big mistake as most boxes that have been previously used for one task or another can be pretty rough and might not be up to certain tasks.

Before you attempt to use any or all of these methods, you might review the following five benefits of only using new boxes for your move instead of searching in vain for the right boxes that might be free.

Time and Convenience
It is important to consider how important your time is spent on any project, least of all trying to save a few dollars finding old boxes for a move. Professional moving companies like Tru-Pak Moving Systems know how important it is to use new moving boxes only. It is very rare for any moving company to recycle old boxes for a new move, in fact it might be unheard of. There are exceptions with professionally made and manufactured, heavy-duty corrugated commercial boxes, but not with standard cardboard boxes. Most reputable movers carry large inventories of boxes and other moving supplies necessary for packing and making a move.

In fact, the best mover in Boone NC suggests anyone interested in acquiring boxes does so at a local retail or DIY moving company supplier. Professional moving companies like Tru-Pak Moving can help you estimate the quantity and sizes of the boxes you’ll need for a successful move. At Tru-Pak Moving we service the whole state of North Carolina and are glad to mail any amount of boxes needed for an upcoming move to one of our clients. Boxes delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

Consider Sturdy and Safe
Most moving boxes lose their strength and integrity with each use. Getting someone else’s used boxes with the wear and tear they’ve acquired over time, could make them unsteady and unsafe. Old boxes usually don’t take a proper seal, but new moving boxes will, ensuring your valuable possessions are protected during your move.

Using the Right Size & Strength
You will want to make sure the boxes you choose are properly sized and have the correct strength rating. Whether they are for moving heavy books, or fragile dishes, breakable items such as mirrors or TVs, make sure you use a box that’s properly designed for the job at hand. When selecting the type of moving box needed, base it on the contents that it will contain. Tru-Pak Moving Systems, North Carolina’s largest and most affordable moving company, offers a wide range of moving boxes, designed for the right sizes, strengths, and purposes, to ensure the contents you’ll be shipping are well protected.

Boxes Made for Moving
Most old boxes you’ll find in store dumpsters are not moving boxes specifically designed for moving. Purchase only new moving boxes that will close and seal properly, have plenty of room for labeling, and some may even have handles for heavier loads. For the most added protection available, choose a double-walled moving box option. These types of moving boxes are specifically manufactured for moving and shipping heavy contents and are available only from a professional moving company.

Free of Unwanted Stains, Pet Smells, and Damage
Old moving boxes often come with stains and scents not conducive to be used in a residential moving project. Many are also damaged by unknown liquids or even contain insect eggs. Yuck!  If the moving boxes you use are new, you won’t have to wonder if the box is trustworthy, stainless, or free of insect particles and can’t, therefore, be introduced into your new home or apartment.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems?

In need of packing supplies, tape, bubble wrap, or moving boxes, always buy new. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we offer a full range of packing and moving supplies to ensure your next move is safe and secure. If you are looking for the most experienced moving company in Boone NC, look no further. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is a licensed, bonded, and insured residential and commercial moving company serving Boone and all of North Carolina since 1960. Give us a call for a free moving estimate for any move, across town, the state or the nation. Call Us at 1-800-659-1233

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