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Social Media: Be Careful What You Post Regarding Your Move

We truly have become a connected society. Every day, millions of individuals flock to Tic-tac, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, social media platforms to let their friends and family know what’s going on in their lives. This is a great way to keep everyone informed and engaged, however, it can also provide too much information to the wrong people who might be watching. If you have decided to move and are actively looking for a moving company in Statesville NC, it might not be the best idea to let everyone in the world know about your expected move.

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems, your Statesville hometown mover since 1960, we always recommend to our clients that because of the times we are living through, it’s best to keep certain information about important events in your life, private and not let everyone have access to it. Not everyone needs to know your business.

There are nefarious activities that can surround a move and announcing it on social media for everyone to see sometimes has its issues. We want you and your family to stay safe when you are in the process of completing a move, so we highly recommend you review these suggestions about what not to do or post on social media when you’re moving.

Announcing Your Move Date

Moving can be a very exciting experience, and you will definitely want to let family and friends know; however, one should avoid posting the date online when you’re moving.  Posting detailed information about your moving date, its time, and shipping information could provide a potential thief with everything they need to impersonate a moving company representative and try and snag your belongings.

At Tru-Pak Moving we have seen this type of activity over the years and highly recommend contacting family and friends privately, to avoid this type of event occurring.

Posting Home Addresses

We also suggest you never post your old or new address online and let strangers know where you live. New inhabitants are not familiar with neighbors and you never want an unwelcome visitor to come to your door. Home invasions have become quite prevalent in many areas so it’s best to send out private messages to friends and family with your new home address.

If you move across town and decide to host a housewarming party, mail invitations or send out an email invite to those you are inviting to your party. That way only those who should attend your party will.

Posting Photographs of Your New Home

Most people are proud of their new home and its surroundings, but be careful posting pictures of it online. Make sure to hide the home address or any street signs that can tip people off to its location. New inhabitants usually don’t have all of their security apparatuses up and running at the time they take possession of a new home. Thieves know this and understand that sometimes this is the best time to strike or impersonate a neighbor to gain access.

At Tru-Pak Moving we also suggest limiting the number of photos you post, as this can allow potential thieves to know exactly how many valuables you might have in a new home. Family and friends will be happy for you, but posting too many photos might seem like gloating.

Also, if you have not closed on the house yet, we recommend you do not post any photos until the closing has taken place.

Don’t Post Negative Comments

Lots of negative things can happen in life. Maybe you moved because of a neighbor or were unhappy in your old neighborhood due to traffic or crime. Regardless of the reason, you should probably not use a social media platform to berate anyone or anything.

It is probably not the right thing to do and moving into a new home gives you a fresh start. No need to bring unnecessary drama into the picture when none is needed.

Posting the Price of a New Home

We suggest you never post what you paid for your new home or what you sold your old home for. This is personal information and it’s really no one’s business as to their amounts. This can also give the wrong people an idea as to what your household income is, information that should remain private. If you want to tell a friend or family member, that is your choice but keep from posting it so anyone can have access to it.

Moving Company Professionals in Statesville NC

Hopefully, these posting tips will keep your move more private, but still, give you the ability to share the excitement of moving to a new home with the people you love.

When you are ready to move, it is important to hire a reputable mover in Statesville that can help make your move less stressful. 

The professionals at Tru-Pak Moving Systems have been helping residents of North Carolina move for over 60 years. Across town, the state, or the nation, we specialize in all types of moves including residential moves, commercial moves, office, and business moves, and governmental and military moves. Call us today for a free moving estimate at 1-800-659-1233.

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