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Taking Large Pieces of Furniture to A New Home

If you have acquired large pieces of furniture, sectional sofas, oversized California kings or large cabinetry and you are moving to a new home, you will find that moving these size pieces will be your most difficult challenge. It has become very fashionable as of late to purchase large comfortable furniture that is both utilitarian and stylish. Sinking into a sectional after a long day’s work can be quite comforting but maneuvering these types of large items through doorways and downstairs is a job made for a professional. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have been taking down, moving out, packing up, delivering, and setting up large furniture for clients all over America. Below we have listed some common-sense tips to help anyone moving with large items.

  1. Always measure your furniture’s dimensions including length, width, and height. Check out the possible dismantling of certain pieces to make them lighter, more maneuverable, and easier to handle. Don’t forget to measure the framing, the areas of the furniture that cannot be compressed or squeezed through a doorway.
  2. Next comes the true test of what will fit and what will not. Measure all of the door frames the specific pieces have to fit through. Mattresses and couches have a little room to compress when moving through a door but the frame of the door will not. Many times, a door can be removed and the piece will fit through it, sometimes it won’t. When measuring the door frame get the exact width and height. Rotating pieces of furniture will allow you to navigate a large piece without damaging the furniture or the door.
  3. For bulky furniture that can be partially disassembled like removing legs or anything that might be attached will lessen the load. This will lighten the weight and proportions.
  4. Many people have sleeper sofas which can be quite heavy. Never try to move a heavy object without the proper help. If you can remove the mattress and cushions don’t forget to secure the spring-loaded section so it does not engage during movement.
  5. It is always a good idea to try whenever possible, to have sliders on heavy furniture to get the pieces as close to the doors and openings as possible. Protecting floors with cardboard, heavy blankets or even rugs will protect most and professional movers usually wrap furniture with moving blankets for protection. Have plenty around for use if you plan on making a move.
  6. This might be the most important tip and that is always have enough help, strong backs and a dolly to complete even the smallest of moves. Nothing could be worse than trying to move furniture and hurting oneself because of lifting objects too heavy for one person to manage.
  7. Last but not least. Our recommendation is to at least get a moving estimate so you can evaluate the cost of renting a truck versus having a professional like Tru-Pak Moving accomplish the move. You might be surprised just how affordable the cost is and there are always cost associated with the grief, aggravation, and stress that every do-it-yourself moving project experiences.

Moving Professionals in Hendersonville NC

If you are in the process of deciding on whether to move yourself or hire a moving company in Hendersonville NC there are some very basic questions you need to ask yourself. One, can I really save money, time, and energy by renting a truck or is it better in the long run to have an experienced moving company help? Do I have bulky and heavy furniture best left up to a professional to move, damage-free? At Tru-Pak Moving we have over 60 years of experience providing moving services to residents of North Carolina. As a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines we have completed 1000’s of moves across, town, the state, and the nation. Call us today for a free moving estimate and discover the Tru-Pak Difference. Experienced moving technicians are only a phone call away at 1-800-659-1233

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