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Things People Forget to Do When Moving

If you are like most homeowners that are moving, you want your move to be hassle-free and accomplished with minimal tasks. The only way to achieve these results is to pay attention to the details and plan ahead. That all starts with one call to Tru-Pak Moving Systems, Rutherfordton moving company specialists. You will want to book your move several weeks in advance of your scheduled moving date. That can be accomplished in two easy ways. One, visit our website @ and complete the online moving estimate form or give us a call at 800-659-1233 ext. 210 and speak to a moving professional. Once you have secured an estimate you will want to start your planning for all of the details you will need to accomplish before the Moving Team arrives. On our website, we have a very informative residential checklist and schedule. This can assist you with many items that need to be accomplished during the weeks prior to your move. Things like getting your utility scheduled to be turned on and off, mail delivery and forwarding, cable disconnect, and hookup and school registrations for school-aged children. It will even provide you with helpful tips on creating the necessary checklists so that you can handle everything on your end, down to the smallest detail.  Just remember, there are a great many things to do when moving a home and below we have included some of the more common items many people forget to do when they are moving.

Packing Materials

One of the first tasks any homeowner undertakes when starting the moving process is to begin packing items to be taken and those to be left behind or discarded. Many times, the number of initial packing supplies acquired for the job is not enough to finish the entire project. It is a good idea to comparison shop boxes, cartons, tape, and markers and complete an inventory of boxed items as you go. Starting room by room is an efficient way to keep track of your progress, separating the items you wish to sell, discard, give away, and keep. Your moving company in Rutherfordton NC should also be available to supply essential packing materials and even specialized boxes for specific items like mirrors, TV’s and even hanging up clothes for transport. Most homeowners have old towels, blankets, and maybe even a couple of moving blankets that can be used to protect furniture so don’t pack those items away if you plan on using them in the move.

Label and Organize Your Boxes

It is very important to take the time to identify items that are sealed in specific boxes so that you can retrieve them as you unpack. Nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to find items packed away because of improper or non-existent labeling. Color-coded stickers denoting rooms and abundant items packed together can make all the difference in the world when you go to find something before, during, or after the move has been completed. Organization and labeling will also assist your movers in placing specific boxes in specific rooms upon delivery.

Moving into or out of An Apartment or Condominium Complex

If you live in a condo or apartment, it is imperative that you arrange for parking space for your moving company on the scheduled day of the move. Usually, most associations or management companies require advanced notice when occupants decide to move either in or out of their buildings. Movers need direct access to your property and should be able to park as close as it is physically possible. This can be compounded in inclement weather and the last thing you want is for your valuables to get wet or sustain damage because of the moving truck not being parked in a place that is easily accessible.

Notify Everyone of Importance About Your Move

It is very common for homeowners to forget to notify both their online and mail subscription accounts about a change in address. This might include magazine subscriptions, church organizations, political affiliations, anyone you regularly receive mail from. Sending a mass email out to family and friends is also a good idea to let them know when the move is taking place and the scheduled delivery date for your new home arrival. Editing your profile online should probably be achieved after you have moved to avoid issues.

Why You Should Choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems!

Tru-Pak Moving has been serving Rutherfordton customers with moving services since 1960. We specialize in local and long-distance moving, anywhere in the country and even the world. If you are considering a move and need the advice and assistance of an experienced professional moving company, look no further. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines. We complete 100’s of moves per year for residential, commercial, business, employee relocations, freight hauling, and change of Duty Station for active military personnel anywhere in the world. Give us a call at 800-659-1233 ext. 210 and talk to one of our highly trained moving professionals about your next move.

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