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Things To Consider When Downsizing or Upgrading

Are you completely happy with your current living condition? Most of us have, at one time or another, asked ourselves this question. Whether you are single or married, have children, or an extended family, we all have contemplated whether we can improve our current living conditions. There are many reasons that may motivate us to consider taking the first steps to either upgrade or downsize your current living situation. You should always consider whether or not you can budget a new move, prior to making a decision on buying a new house, condo, or apartment.

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Below are several reasons why moving may be the right decision for you, whether you are upgrading or downsizing your domicile.

Moving –Are You Downsizing or Upgrading for a Specific Reason

Your current family situation usually will help you determine whether you should consider upgrading to a larger home or downsizing. If your children move out, you experience a major life-changing event and now with just the two of you, downsizing is probably the right choice. If your family is growing and you need more room then upgrading to a larger space is probably your best decision. Parents and children sharing bathrooms, living rooms becoming playrooms, or garages overflowing with storage might be a sign that a larger home may be in your best interest. Certain expenses like taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utility costs will probably increase but so will the available space your family will get to enjoy.

Lower Cost of Living

Hickory and the surrounding communities continue to grow with the housing market on the rise. Some are downsizing by selling their homes at the top of the market, but many are buying up. Just remember to properly budget for larger homes as monthly costs will increase.

Better School Choices

All parents want their children to have the best education available within a given area. When most can’t afford to have their children in private school, many look to exceptional public-school districts, where education is rated the highest in the area. This is a sensible choice when considering your children’s future.

Better Neighborhoods

Everyone wants to live in a safe and secure environment. People often make decisions to move because they want to be in a better area of town, with a lower crime rate. When you initially moved to your current home, it may have been an ideal place the live. However, over the years the crime rate might have gone up and the area has become much more dangerous. Your existing area of town might have become extremely congested or maybe the area is just in a transition. Whatever the reason, wanting a change means you need to do some research and look at the choices you may have, based on a number of factors; costs, crime, maybe schools, tax rates etc.

Closer to Work and Commuter Times

Work can be stressful enough without adding to it by incurring longer commuter driving times. There is nothing worse than having to battle traffic for long periods of time and then having to work hard all day long, finishing the day with another arduous commute. It is probably a good idea to consider your daily commute to work when considering a change in your home location. Even though many companies are choosing to allow workers to work from home, this unfortunately might be a short-lived strategy. But for the time being saving money on parking, gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle is a perk and shortening your commuting time is usually a great reason to change living locations.

Closer to Family and Friends

Many younger individuals may choose to move away when starting their own chapter in their life. However, as many grow older and start a family, they might want to move closer to family and old friends. As parents grow older their needs of support may change and now rely on children to help support them in their transitioning age and health conditions. These are all great reasons to consider a move closer to family members. Additionally, grandparents also consider moving closer to children for many reasons including grandchildren, aging reasons, and climatic conditions.

Need a Fresh, New Start–Choose Tru-Pak Moving to Help Make the Transition

Many times, individuals and families just need a fresh start. Whether they have experienced a life-changing event, divorce, newborn birth, need a lifestyle change, or unfortunately incurred a death in the family, choosing a move is probably being considered. Whatever the reason, choosing to downsize or upgrade is a big decision that needs careful consideration. If you are considering a moving company in Hickory NC, we have the expertise, pricing, and availability to get you on your way to your new home, across town, the state, or even the nation. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we are always here to help reduce the stress that is always associated with moving. At Tru-Pak Moving we have been helping North Carolinians for over 60 years with local, statewide, and long-distance moving services. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation moving quote performed by one of our highly experienced and trained moving technicians at 1-800-659-1233.

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