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Top 10 Things to Do After Moving

You found the perfect dwelling to fall in love with, and now that you have finally moved in, what comes next? What are some of the things you should do after all the heavy lifting has come to a halt and you have finally completed the move into your new home?

Moving can be a very exciting time, and most people are just unable to wait to get their new home set up usually within a day or two. However, there are some things one needs to consider after they have moved into their new place.

  • Check Utilities: It is essential that you check on the house utilities right after you move in so you will never be without power. You cannot be comfortable if you complete a move and the house does not have electricity, water, gas, and maybe even internet access. Anytime without power might mean the difference between a comfortable temperature and pure misery. For these reasons and many more, make sure your power source is active immediately.
  • Keep Your Checklist Close for Inspection: Whether you have hired a professional moving company in Pinehurst NC,  or you are a do-it-yourself mover, there is always a risk of losing some box or item during transport. It is important to make, keep, and confirm all of your valuables have made it safely to their final destination using a checklist. By keeping an inventory by item, by labeled box, you can ensure you are not missing a thing. Confirming you have everything cost you nothing and will give you complete peace of mind.
  • Start Unpacking the Most Important Things First: If you think packing was difficult enough, wait until you start unpacking all those boxes in your new home. It takes time, effort, and patience and it is better to proceed one step at a time. Start with unpacking all of the essentials such as your personal care products, kitchen items, small appliances, like the coffee pot, etc., prior to the start of decorating your new home.
  • Study the Space Before Setting Things Up: Now that you are moving in you will want to figure out the best way to arrange your furniture. It is always better to take your time and consider the space before placing the furniture in the right spot for the first time. Be careful not to assemble disassembled furniture or arrange it in the wrong place only to find out it doesn’t really work in the spot you have placed it. Big mistake.
  • Make Your Homes Security One of Your Top Priority: If your home does not have a modern commercial security system provided by a professional alarm company, securing all your doors, locks, and windows, you might want to consider hiring one right away. Set up an appointment for a free security alarm consultation the first week or first few days of your arrival in your new house.
  • Never Ignore a Thorough Cleaning: Cleaning your house from top to bottom upon your arrival is an ideal way of starting off with a new clean space to work with. Before you unpack, no matter how tidy everything may seem, it is always a good idea to give the whole house a good cleaning. Hiring a professional house cleaning service to complete the job prior to your arrival is really the answer.
  • Baby and Pet Proof Your New Home: One of the most important parts of safeguarding your precious family members and saving your household pets from injury and accidents is to baby and pet-proofing your home.
  • Connect Major and Minor Appliances According to Their Significance: Start by making sure your most important appliances such as your stove, oven, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, and dryer are operational and working properly.
  • Postal Address Changes: Change of postal addresses for all your important documents such as driver’s license, credit cards, bank accounts for you and your family members as soon as possible.
  • Locate Essential Facilities: Locate the primary facilities such as hospitals, emergency rooms, police stations, clinics, schools, parks, grocery stores, that are near your new home as soon as it is physically possible.

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