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Tru-Pak Moving Systems’ 12 Professional Tips for Packing

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems, Hendersonville’s oldest and most reliable moving company, we understand moving can be both chaotic and frustrating. For many of us that have been through the moving process before, items can get misplaced or even broken while packing and unpacking. As with most things, there is a right way and a wrong way to complete many tasks. Below we have listed 12 tried and true tips that will assist you in the packing process.

Professional Packing Tips

  1. Always start packing those items you rarely use like old books, personal files, and items that might be already in boxes but not marked.
  2. Always protect items with packing materials. Bubble wrap and newspapers are usually the most common and most cost-effective ways of wrapping your articles.
  3. Never ever pack breakable and non-breakable items together in the same box. This way you can always label breakable items in boxes with the word “Fragile” written so you know which boxes are in need of special care. Also, most breakable items are of light weight materials and by not combining them with heavier items will help to reduce accidents.
  4. Try and purchase standard or mid-size boxes for most packing items. Good sturdy, quality boxes are more durable and will limit your chances of breakage. Also, there are many moving boxes especially designed for specific items such as TV’s, Mirrors, Hanging Clothes, Paintings etc.
  5. Make sure you maximize each of your boxes’ space, but also be mindful of the weight of each box as they can get heavy. Always organize the content of each box by packing heavier items on the bottom. This will help to maintain the boxes balance. Make sure the boxes integrity is maintained and never exceed 50lbs. We recommend trying to stay under the 35lb range for most boxes. Try and pack like items so that they stay together and can be recovered easily.
  6. Always use strong, professional packing tape to close boxes properly, and never try and fold the ends shut. Never use masking tape or scotch tape to secure a box as it is not strong enough to handle most moves.
  7. Label boxes according to items, rooms or by person’s name and clearly mark them on several sides. Let someone with good penmanship do the writing as they will write legibly. You should also organize your move by labeling boxes according to the room they belong in for delivery. Another helpful tip might be to list the general contents of each box for a quick reference guide.
  8. Always label boxes that you will need immediately after the move is completed like utensils, toiletries, medicine or towels as “Open First”.
  9. Any items that have extreme importance or value make sure you carry with you at all times. Pack your personal items and carry them separately. Clothes should be packed in boxes specifically made for those types of items.
  10. All running electronics should have pictures taken of the existing connections so you know where and how to connect your items when you start setting them up in your new home. Make sure you keep all connections and wires with their corresponding devices.
  11. Any breakable items such as porcelain China, stemware, plates, and glassware should be cushioned with plenty of crumbled newspaper at the top, bottom and sides of the box. Carefully wrap each piece with newspaper and/or bubble wrap. As you lay the contents in the box, make sure the items are secured and cannot shift. Also be mindful of the weight of each box.
  12. Always pack any perishable items last. You should use ice filled coolers to pack these items and it they are traveling a long distance, should be moved in your own vehicle.

Hendersonville Moving Company

Packing boxes properly by using these helpful tips will make your move that much more organized. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we recommend that all of our clients review our website for these and other helpful tips when planning a move. Visit our resource center at Tru-Pak.Com and take advantage of all of our advice for a well-executed move. Using these and other helpful tips will make your next move go much better than you expect. We also offer scalable packing and unpacking services for our customers.

At Tru-Pak Moving we specialize in residential, commercial, office, and business moving services, across town, the state, or even the nation. If you are looking for the most affordable, and competent mover in Hendersonville NC, look no further.

If you are in need of a quality mover and would like a free moving estimate, call us today 1-800-659-1233.

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