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Ways to Protect Your Furniture During A Move

We have all at one point or another moved furniture and possibly damaged it by not properly covering items with moving pads and blankets. Nicks and scratches that result during this process could have been avoided, but what is the best way to protect furniture during a move? Every professional mover will tell you that they use furniture padding which is nothing more than a really thick blanket to protect and guard against damage from occurring. This not only protects items from dings, dents, and scratches but dirt and any debris collected from the move itself.

Professional Movers Recommend Using Furniture Moving Pads

Moving pads or moving blankets are very thick protective covers true professional movers like Tru-Pak Moving Systems, North Carolina’s premier moving company, uses to wrap large items and delicate furniture during moves. These protective barriers actually shield furniture during transit and securing your valuables if movement or shifting occurs, reducing its impact.  Items, even in the most professionally packed trucks will shift slightly and moving blankets will reduce its effect. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems the use of moving blankets to protect and secure valuables is a common practice. If you are a DIY’er, it should also be one for you.

Where Can One Purchase Moving Pads?

If you hire a professional moving company in Shelby NC like Tru-Pak Moving Systems you will not need to worry about purchasing moving pads. Any reputable and experienced moving company should have abundant moving pads to fit any size move. If you plan of accomplishing the move yourself then you can either rent or purchase moving pads from your local truck rental store or maybe even your hardware store. If you rent a truck the truck leasing company should have supplies needed for your move including tape, boxes, and moving pads.

These are the Top Reasons to Use Padding

  1. Floor Protection: Large, heavy pieces of furniture when moved can damage floors, walls and themselves if not properly wrapped and given that extra padding.
  2. Keeping Furniture Clean: When moving into a new dwelling it is always recommended to protect furniture from collecting dust, dirt and grime. If the weather is in climate, furniture wrapping will protect against rain, snow and sleet.
  3. Always Protect Walls, Doorways, Bannisters etc: It is important not to damage any part of the house you are leaving or the one you are entering into. Carrying furniture out of and into a home many times comes with unexpected mishaps and furniture pads will reduce damage.
  4. Can Prevent Shifting During Transit: When packing a moving van or truck, it is important to protect items that will be in close proximity and can come into contact with each other. That is why the best, most experienced movers always take precautions to prevent damage. Moving pads will prevent your items from shifting and will also allow for stacking to accommodate all of the items you are moving.
  5. Additional methods to Protect Furniture: Purchasing moving insurance if you hire a professional moving company. Use dollies when possible. Strap down all large, heavy items in the truck. Hire a professional packer. Use felt pads underneath legs to reduce sliding. Disassemble furniture to make it easier and lighter to move. Hire a true professional mover like Tru-pak Moving.

Why Hire Tru-Pak Moving Systems?

Taking the stress out of a move, across town or around the nation can be a very worthwhile expense. With over 60 years of assisting Shelby residents with residential, commercial, and business moving services, we are the experts when it comes to moving anything. We even move change-of-duty station military personnel around the globe. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is North Carolina’s largest licensed, bonded and insured, independent agent for United Van Lines. Call us today for an affordable moving quote. Our highly trained and experienced moving personnel are ready to assist you at 1-800-659-1233

When it comes to caring for your family, employees, or equipment moves, Tru-Pak Moving Systems is North Carolina’s most trusted moving company.

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