What should you photograph before moving?

Moving one’s household, across town or across the nation can be a stressful and hectic experience, and forgetting to document certain items that are important is no way to begin your journey. Being methodical about this photo documentation will not only alleviate stress but will reduce your liability in the case of lost, stolen, or damage occurring. So what items is it necessary to photograph and why is this documentation so important?

Photo Documentation, the What, and Why

  1. Let’s start off with the most obvious articles you will need a record of and that is your valuables. In today’s modern world, many things considered expensive to replace become valuable property like jewelry, art, electronic equipment, antiques, and collectibles; stamps, coins even rare books. In the event any of these items get lost, stolen, or damaged by the movers you hire, you will have a photographic record of them in the condition they are in and proof of their condition prior to being moved. The photo date and a time-stamped record is your assurance that you possessed them and that they were in good condition in the event of an insurance claim.
  2. Photos of furniture condition before the move begins. This way you have a record of dents, scratches, possible existing damage that you can compare, post-moving. If any additional damage takes place it will not be your word against theirs but have photo proof that damage did take place while in your mover’s possession.
  3. It is important to take photos when moving out of any rental property to show the condition you left the dwelling. Many a renter has been denied their deposit based on false accusations of leaving the property dirty or damaged in some way. If you have damaged any part of a rental home it is important to take responsibility and make any necessary repairs to walls, floors, blinds, doors, etc. before exiting. Document the repairs and keep receipts. It is also a good idea to declare any repairs made to the owners, property managers so they have a record that the repairs were completed and paid for by you. You will also want to take photos of new rental properties you take charge of to document the condition of the dwelling you are now going to occupy. This simple photo documentation might serve to get the landlord to make certain repairs promised but not fulfilled. It will also serve to show the condition before and then after you leave so that the landlord doesn’t hold you accountable for the damage you were not responsible for.
  4. This can be very important and time-saving. Take detailed photos of any electronic hookups, like the way your TVs are connected to a sound system or the way a sound system is connected to a cable box. What could be worse than not being able to enjoy your electronics when you set up your new home for failure to be able to connect these items the way they were originally. If you do not take this proactive approach, we are sure your new cable provider will be happy to provide you these services at a nominal charge.
  5. These are examples of how having a photographic record that is both time-stamped and well documented can help you avoid issues that can crop up later. You might also want to digitally email these photos and text explaining any issues you might feel could be important in the future.

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