What You Should Consider When Moving with Small Children

Moving with Children Present

Moving can be a stressful and oftentimes difficult endeavor but planning a move when children are involved will take considerably more planning and better execution. Anytime a family changes venues, homes, or locations the effect can be dramatic especially on small children. Though the experience might be one of excitement with everything that has to be accomplished, children’s needs sometimes get misplaced or lost in the shuffle. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems, North Carolina’s largest and most successful moving and storage company we have moved countless numbers of families with children all over America. Below we are listing some of the most common things one should consider when moving with children, across town, the state, or the nation. Remember, a successful move with children is one that is planned for both physically and emotionally. A somewhat stress-free and enjoyable experience for all involved especially your kids should be your goal as well as ours.

Planning the Move with an Emotional Consideration for Your Child

Most people are not resistant to change by nature but change does present its problems on adults and especially on children. Anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, even apathy and lack of energy can all be the result of drastic changes occurring in one’s life, from job changes, habitats, and even lodging venues. Children need consistency in their lives and they can be adversely affected by a change in their environment like a household drawn up in moving its entire contents and disrupting every day even flow of events. We have listed some considerations that adults responsible for children involved in moving should acknowledge and be cognizant of if their child is to be protected. By understanding what a child might feel or the emotions they might be going through parents will have a better understanding of how to help them cope.

  1. One of the most stable environments parents create for their kids is the very rooms they live and sleep in each and every day. Moving a child out of familiar surroundings takes sensitivity and care. Explaining to small children that a family move is a temporary event that will not last long and talk about the positives of moving to a new home and making new friends is very important.
  2. Be extremely patient during your moving project as children are susceptible to parents displaying anger, fear, and anxiety caused by the pressures of moving.
  3. Try and keep your children in the loop as things develop. For example, have as many activities as you can outside the home during the packing event as this will enable children to not be faced with constant household environmental changes.
  4.  Have them help as much as they can in packing up their own clothes, toys, and other items they plan on taking on the trip to their new house. Being a part of the move will help them understand that they are part of the move and that everything will be alright.
  5. If the children are old enough to understand the events taking place, show them the new home online if possible, maybe even their new room. Tell them that once they move you will be there to help them unpack and set up their room.
  6. If leaving friends and a school that they love is an issue discuss that they can still see their old friend online or face-time calls and that they will meet new ones very easily. Change of schools can always be trying but remind them how they felt about going to school when they first started and over a short period of time really liked the school, they were so afraid of in the beginning.
  7. Plan recreational activities with your children during the moving and packing process to take their mind off the move like playing games together or going to a movie.

Remember children are inexperienced and need constant reminding and reassurance that everything will be ok.

Don’t Forget

If you have school-aged children be sure to contact the present and new schools they will be attending and though it is not always possible, try and enroll your kids at the beginning of terms, not in the middle of one. The best school transition of course is after the summer semester but that is not always possible. On the subject of meeting new friends, parents can assist children by enrolling them in after-school activities they are interested in or continuing to perform an activity in the new environment, that they did in the old one.

Why Choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems?

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