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Who Should You Notify When Moving

As anyone can tell you who has moved, the whole process can be both exciting and stressful. There are so many things on your plate that there are certain items you may forget due to the stress of the move. Whether you are moving across the state or even the nation, there are important tasks that need to be performed to ensure your move is completed in a proper fashion. No details are left undone and that means who and what needs to be notified that you are changing addresses, if not residences, from your current state. Of course, being organized and updating your new home address prior to moving is the place to start. But who, after that needs this information as well?

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems, one of North Carolina’s most experienced moving companies, we have compiled a list of the people, places, and resources you should contact prior to completing your move below.

Family & Friends

Always begin by notifying your family and friends when you plan on moving and changing addresses — maybe even the ones you may not like.  With the advent and popularity of smartphones, social media, and engaging apps, those closest to you will probably know of the upcoming move. But distant relatives and friends might not be in the loop, so don’t wait until you receive mail and presents long after you have left town. They will not be happy about not being informed. You may choose to throw a going away party for your friends and neighbors to say thank you and goodbye.  


It is essential to let your employer know at least a month in advance if you are leaving their employment. Even if you are just moving to a new area in town, it is also important to notify them so that your tax documents, insurance information, retirement accounts, etc. reflect your change of address. If not, your important documents and correspondences could be mailed to the wrong address.

Professional Organizations

You also need to let any professional organizations you belong to know of the address change as they may send you renewal applications or industry-specific information via mail.

Rental Properties and Landlords

If you lease an apartment or house, it is a good idea to give the landlord significant notification to be able to acquire another tenant. If you have a lease that you are breaking you need to have a conversation about your impending move and maybe you can work a deal about additional payments, fines, or deposits.

United States Post Office

This is probably the most important agency you will need to notify about your change of address. The easiest and most efficient way to change your address is to go to your local post office or submit your change of address online. Once this has been completed and you move, your mail will be forwarded to the new address for up to one year after your move-out date.

Utility Companies

No one ever wants to move out of their current home without having an end date for their utility bills. Vice versa, no one wants to move into their new home without power or water. If you are staying with the same utility company and know your move-in date, you will end one billing address and add another. That goes for the telephone, cable, and internet provider companies as well. If not, you will need to identify who provides those services and contact them for a start-up time with your new home.


You want to make sure your homeowners policy either gets transferred, canceled, or updated as well as your car, life, health and any other insurance policy you carry. New homeowners’ insurance policies need to be secured prior to moving in. Also, depending on where you move to, your health, car, and homeowner’s policy underwriters may change due to the location of your new address.

Driver’s License/Registration

If you are staying in the same state, you typically have between 10 and 30 days, after you move, to update your driver’s license and registration. New states usually require new licensing, insurance, and registration.

Social Security and Internal Revenue Service

You need to contact the Social Security Administration and the IRS about your new address. Updates through the IRS can be made through their government website.

Credit Cards and Financial Institutions

Updating your address at the bank where you have accounts, loans, investments, and/or credit cards is imperative. If you have to change banks or close accounts, we suggest you do it in person with a qualified banking manager.

Doctors, Prescriptions, and Pharmacies

All of your physicians should be notified as soon as you know you are changing addresses, moving out of the area, or have a mail-order account for pharmaceuticals. Primary Care, Dentists, Children’s Doctors, any Specialty Doctors, Hospitals, etc., and even Veterinarians, need to be notified. Also, make sure you let your pharmacy know of the address change.

School Enrollments- Universities and Alumni Associations

If you have school-age children, you will need to notify the school of the address change, so they can forward your child’s school records. Also, don’t forget to enroll your children in the new schools as soon as you know your new address. Reach out to alumni associations you may belong to also so they can update your records.

Memberships and Clubs

You will need to update any memberships, magazine subscriptions, any clubs, gyms, or organizations, including churches, libraries, and charities you may support. 

Voter Registrations

If you live in the same county, you’ll also need to update your voter registration card so you can vote at your new polling location. If not, you will need to re-register in the new town you move to.

All address changes can be an arduous and complicated process, but as long as you stay organized, create a checklist and fulfill each and every function, you can navigate through any move with ease.

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