Why You Should Hire a Morganton Mover

Why Hiring a Morganton Moving Company Is the Only Way to Go!

Moving is an exciting event, filled with anticipation and a sense of the new, but it can also be very stressful. The last thing anyone wants to worry about is hiring a moving company and then finding out that they were really not the right one for the job at hand. Not having a good feeling about the moving company, you hire can be a calamity. That is why it is so important when you are trusting someone to move your valuable possessions to hire the right local moving company in Morganton NC. One you can trust, one that is bonded and insured and has a good reputation in the local market as well as years of experience performing local, long-distance, and maybe even international moves. Tru-Pak Moving Systems, an independent agent for United Van Lines has been going just that in North Carolina since 1960. We are the largest moving company east of the Mississippi and south of Virginia and provide affordable and unique moving services not found in many other moving companies. We are large enough to handle any size move but small enough to handle every move we make as if it were our only move.

Below are a few reasons why you should always hire a local moving company like Tru-Pak Moving Systems who has more than just their reputation on the line; they have their neighbor’s best interest as well to consider.

Ease and Convenience

Some of us are “Do it Yourself” driven, and that is ok for a younger, strong-backed population. Those types of clients are most interested in saving money and maybe because they tend not to trust others, they think they can accomplish it themselves. Moving however is a very complicated and sometimes dangerous task to tackle on your own. So why should you consider hiring a local moving company to move you across the state or around the nation? The answer is simple. Safety, the economy of effort, and convenience. The reputable moving company you hire will take the stress off your back in more ways than just weight. There is still a lot to accomplish for most people moving, even when a moving company is employed to do the heavy lifting. At Tru-Pak Moving we try and remove as much work and stress off our customers as possible. That is why we always assign each move a “Moving Coordinator” and their own unique “Moving Team” to handle their move from pick-up through delivery. 

What Type of Morganton Moving Company do you Require?

Performing moving services is an exact and complicated business full of dos and don’ts. For instance, there is a right way to organize, pack, disassemble, lift, transport, and re-assemble it again when you reach your final destination. Specific tasks have what we in the industry call “moving protocols”, things that have to be done right to ensure no damage is sustained to the property, life, and limb. True moving professionals like Tru-Pak Moving know the right ways and wrong ways of performing these tasks. We take every step to ensure our moves go off without a hitch.


Moving will always be a much more positive experience with the assistance of a moving professional, especially for large residential loads or commercial or business moves. Also, long-distance moving is a much more difficult process than one might think because there are so many variables on the road along the way that can go wrong. When your belongings are in the hands of someone else for an extended period of time or over long-distances, you had better have hired the right company. Hiring a small, inexperienced local moving company, with two hands and a truck to move you long-distances is usually not the best choice. It’s not only their level of experience or having the right equipment in good working condition but also their accountability and accessibility to the customer. Due to their smaller size and lack of experience, these types of local movers are typically more equipped to handle smaller, short-distance moves that may be across town or around the block. Lower prices, do not in most cases, equate to a higher value. You get what you pay for. With so much riding on choosing the right, most competent moving company, getting your valuables to its final destination, damage-free, and on time is how you will gauge their services.

Reputations are Lost and Made on Service

Local, professional moving companies are typically run by experienced business owners who put customers first in everything they do. With the right business mentality, service is the cornerstone of their business model. Second, is investing in their employees to possess the knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes, to ensure that their customer experience is the best it can be. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we take that responsibility very seriously. Management and labor unified in one common quest to provide the best, most affordable moving services money can buy. That is truly the Tru-Pak difference.

Practice Patience

A local Morganton moving company will be a patient, moving partner available to educate, inform and answer your questions in a timely manner. That is why we always assign a Moving Coordinator to handle each and every move. A one-point-of-contact trained professional moving expert to make your moving experience as stress-free as possible. We provide easy-to-use online moving quotes on our website @tru-pak.com processed by moving and freight estimators experienced in every type of move we make. We also provide on-site moving quotes depending on the needs of our customers. Patient, reliable, and affordable moving advice from North Carolina’s leading experts.

Local Moving Company in Morganton NC

At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we have been a staple of the Morganton, Lenoir, Hickory, and Conover communities for over 60 years. We are one of the top moving companies in America and our reputation proves it. At Tru-Pak Moving Systems we specialize in local, long-distance, commercial, residential, business, employee relocation, freight hauling, and military and governmental moving services. If you are in need of a free moving quote or would like to speak with one of our representatives regarding questions about your upcoming move call us today (800) 659-1233 ext.210.

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