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Will Your Mover Perform a Confirmation Phone Call Prior to Your Move?

If you have booked a move with a legitimate professional moving company there are things you will need to accomplish before moving day arrives. Many consumers believe that once they decide and choose their mover there is really nothing else left to do but pack and wait. That is not exactly true as the moving company or in this case if you choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems, the “Moving Coordinator” assigned your move will perform a confirmation call a few days prior to your scheduled move. This is done to make sure everyone is prepared to move and that you and the “Moving Team” are on the same page and schedule. As the best and most affordable moving company in Asheville NC, Tru-Pak Moving Systems prides itself on on-time, on-budget, and damage-free expert moving services.

What Exactly is a Moving Checklist?

If you have ever packed up your belongings and completed a move then you can testify to the fact moving is stressful and if not properly planned for, certain things can and will go wrong. This is why a confirmation call performed by the mover is so vitally important to ensure everything is as it should be and will play a critical role in verifying the information about an upcoming move is correct and the details of which have not been changed. So, you might be asking yourself what are some of the more common questions that will be asked during the call.

  1. Verifying the addresses of the pickup, place of origin, and delivery address. Verifying any cross streets or one-ways to avoid so as not to be late.
  2. Is the person who booked the move the main contact person and will they be overseeing the move.
  3. Confirming all of the general inventory that will be included in the move and any special item needs like in moving a piano or other large or delicate object.
  4. The inventory confirmation will assist the moving company in determining the resources needed to fulfill the moving project.
  5. Notification of items the moving company will not move such as combustibles, firearms, ammunition, pets, and plants. You will need to make your own accommodations for moving these items.
  6. Review of the homeowner’s due diligence like emptying draws and securing boxes.
  7. You might be asked to give a detailed layout of the property if there are barriers such as winding walkways, flower beds, stairs inside and out, neighborhood restrictions and rules, gate passes if in a gated community, etc.
  8. You might be asked to provide cellular numbers for contact.
  9. Will you need a copy of their Certificate of Insurance?
  10. You might be asked about any waivers of liability or credit card information prior to the move.
  11. You also might be asked where you are in completing the portions of the move that are your responsibility like packing, furniture disassembling, supplies, etc.
  12. Discuss any additional information that might be helpful in assisting the moving company in arriving at their final destination. Any roadblocks that might be present.

The goals of these confirmation calls are always to assist the client and the moving company in providing seamless service and a great customer experience. Also, to thwart off any issue that should be completed prior to the mover’s arrival.

When the confirmation call is completed the customer will have a good understanding of what is left to accomplish and whether the client needs additional support services like professional packing on partial or whole and any specialty items. The more information shared the better the understanding of how things work in a moving project, in other words, who is responsible for what, when, and why.

 Tru-Pak Moving Systems

When it comes to providing expert, seamless support for moving clients, Tru-Pak Moving actually wrote the book on it. Since 1960, Tru-Pak Moving Systems has been servicing the needs of residential, commercial, and business professionals with moving services all over North Carolina. We are the largest licensed, bonded, and insured independent agent for United Van Lines in North Carolina. Give us a call at 800-659-1233 for a free moving estimate or to answer any question you might have about our moving services. Tru-Pak Moving Systems. Your local, long-distance, and change-in-duty station military moves anywhere in the world.