About Tru-Pak Moving Systems

Family Owned & Operated Moving Company Since 1960

The twentieth century has seen some amazing technological advancements, many of with have given rise to an expanded population since the end of the Second World War. Most people before the war lived on family-owned farms and traveled by rail on any log distance excursions. Since WW2, the country we had known had drastically changed to become much more urban in nature, giving rise to larger and larger cities and suburban communities as never before seen in this country. By the end of the 1950s, more people lived in and around these larger populated areas than anywhere else and because of expanding economic conditions, the growth of an upwardly mobile middle class took hold. By the time my father and mother started their moving business in 1960, the moving industry had itself experienced a kind of renaissance. My father and mother’s dream, was to one day become one of North Carolina’s largest premier moving and storage businesses. Back then, our industry was primarily composed of professional freight and transport companies, some of whom had national contracts with the big moving companies like Bekins, Mayflower, and United Van Lines. As the American population started to become more and more mobile and urban sprawl developed many new hamlets and towns, the need for professional movers became greater and more robust. Consequently, many so-called “moving companies” sprang up in cities large and small, vying for business.

Most only handled local in-town moves but some became larger and provided in-state services but never achieved the ability to serve a nationwide or international demand. Tru-Pak Moving Systems was different. We knew from the start that if we were going to offer a truly better service than just moving furniture from one location to another, we would have to develop a trained staff of committed individuals capable of handling the logistics of any moving demand. Statewide, National and International Services with Global connections providing moving services that went off without a hitch. Internal processes managed by competent professionals who wanted to provide a better customer experience at an affordable price. There is a great deal of work involved in providing that kind of moving experience from moving consultants, job and freight estimators, inventory control clerks, freight and global technicians to drivers, packers, setup, and delivery personnel. Homes, offices, businesses, light industrial, freight, military, governmental and municipal transfer, storage, and moving services are all under one roof and responsible to an unbreakable chain of command. That is the “Tru-Pak Difference”. The heavy lifting performed, so you don’t have to.

A Letter from Our President

For over 50 years, Tru-Pak Moving Systems has meant quality and affordable service to thousands of families across North Carolina, the Nation, and around the World. Founded by my parents, John and Patricia Siegel in 1960, Tru-Pak’s mission was to assist families and businesses with safe, experienced, and competent local moving services. Over the next 20 years, my siblings and I spent countless hours assisting in all aspects of the business, growing up as it were to become moving and freight logistic experts. Those teachings have taught us well about the value of work and the value of making an honest dollar. By 1986 Tru-Pak had become an international moving company with fleet deliveries of over 40,000 moves per year making us the largest independent moving company east of the Mississippi River and South of Virginia. Today Tru-Pak continues that tradition serving the needs of clients from coast to coast with local, long-distance, and international moves.

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Allyson Siegel

Tru-Pak President

Philosophy & Mission

Our company’s mission is simple. Be a great place to work. Live by our core values of honesty, dedication to serving and above all put our customers' needs above all else. There are many moving companies to choose from but there is only one customer and you better do it right the first time. We at Tru-Pak continue our parents' mission to be the Best Moving Company in the Nation. Our executive team has a hands-on philosophy of going the extra mile. We believe in executing even the tiniest of details. If a customer has a concern address it. If a customer has a question, answer it. If it’s not your responsibility, find out whose it is and follow-up to make sure it gets resolved in a timely manner. Our passion is to demonstrate while doing, offer assistance wherever it is needed, and if something can be accomplished better, challenge up because it serves our common good. Call us today for a free in-house or office moving quote, completed by one of our highly trained and experienced moving professionals.

What Kind of Moving Service Do You Demand?

Today more than ever before anyone with two hands, a strong back and a truck can offer moving services almost on demand. There is a place in our society for just such a company. Small moving jobs offered at competitive pricing for residential moves or items needing to be delivered from one side of town to another. Need a piano moved or help with some furniture or antique delivery? Shop around for the best price and the most competent services available. But hiring these types of companies for any long distance move and hope your possessions arrive safe and in sound condition, is not a job for any moving novices. Being rated as one of this nation’s top long-distance movers takes knowledge, skill and experience and is not achieved over night. With almost 60 years of experience and over 300 trucks in our moving arsenal, Tru-Pak Moving Systems really sets the standard for quality, reliability and service you can rely on. We conduct over 4000 individual moves per year on average. And with a background of 1000’s of national and international moves under our belt, we have the skills to handle even the most demanding moving requirements. Being transferred to Kuwait or Germany, no problem. Relocation your entire office and team of employees to Dallas, we’ve done it 100’s of times. Our experienced drivers have faced snow storms in the Rockies, skirted hurricanes in the Keys and lake effect ice storms in the mid-west. The benefit of relying on Tru-Pak to deliver what it promises, can be found in our company’s culture of providing excellent service, at competitive prices with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Only a full-service moving company like Tru-Pak can make and keep that pledge. We are an independent United Van Lines agent, licensed, bonded and insured.

How Does Our Customer Service Compare?

Planning, execution and communication is the cornerstone of our services. When we take on a moving assignment: residential, commercial, office, employee relocation or military personnel and their family, our first job is to make sure that the fulfillment of their needs is job number one. This means that we are with our customers every step of the way, from providing a moving timetable and check list, to ensuring the delivery and setup dates are executed to perfection. That also means we guarantee that your items wind up where they’re supposed to be, in the condition they are supposed to be in and that we adhere to all of our commitments.  Your individual moving team, from moving coordinator and logistics clerk to your lead driver and delivery personnel are in contact with you through the whole moving process. Our customer reviews reflect our commitment to quality and service and above all else, your complete satisfaction.  Rest assured that when you choose Tru-Pak Moving Systems, you gain an experienced moving partner you can rely on. Tru-Pak Moving Systems is a licensed and insured professional long-distance mover, providing a unique moving experience, across the state, across the nation and around the world.